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T520 and Intel My WiFi

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This is my 5th day of having new T520 and another issue arises with Wifi. I'm having problems with "Intel My WiFi". Here is what I have done so far:


1st try


a) installed all drivers from Lenovo Update application

b) under Programs & Features selected all features for installation of Intel PROSet Wireless WiFi Software

c) WiFi driver and Software version was 


My Wifi reported "No supported Intel wireless network adapter was found". I must mention that my WiFi works with Access Connections.


2nd try:


a) installed all drivers from Intel Driver Update Utility

b) under Programs & Features selected all features for installation of Intel PROSet Wireless WiFi Software

c) WiFi driver and Software version was


No here I had a problem as I mentioned in this post -->

Anyway I got same error from My WiFi.


In both cases I tried as described here --> and it didn't help.


This post from Intel is rather concerning --> Anyone can confirm this is the case with Lenovo?


For now I reverted to Lenovo supported drivers version I have Intel Centrino Ultimate 6300 AGN Wireless adapter.


Any help would be appreciated,



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T520 Wifi New drivers from Intel

Hi all,


Did anyone tried new drivers for wifi Ultimate-6300 AGN card from Intel? Version is 15.1.1 and System Update installs 14.3.0. I tried to install it but lost the ability to turn off wifi via Fn+F5. Also access connection wifi profile doesn't work, and windows generate "Unexpected error" message when trying to create new wireless network so I had to roll back. 


My reason for upgrading was WiDi which doesn't work. It keeps reporting either DLL missing or no wifi adapter found.


Any info on that?



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Re: T520 Wifi New drivers from Intel

Hi petarv!


Most likely you don't have the My WiFi software installed (it's required for WiDi):


Tell us if this helps!

I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!
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Re: T520 Wifi New drivers from Intel

Did you check device manager for an uninstalled WiFi adapter in Network adapters. There is little point trying to run/install driver or update patches if the device is not even detected by Windows 7.
You should see two adapters. The integreated Intel 10/100/1000 LAN adapter and then you WiFi adapter. If its not there then the is some other issue. Going in the BIOS and verify its not turned off there also there is a Wireless DISABLE SWITCH at the Left Front of the side. ON/ENABLED is when its slid forward showing Green.

Failing everything else its not in the socket properly or just plane not there. But thats unlikely.
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Re: T520 Wifi New drivers from Intel

1) Get rid of access connections. Its useless. Keep the drivers from Intel 15.x.x.x

2) If you already have WiDi installed, go control panel, programs and features, find Intel WiDi, click modify, and change the x's so that components are installed.

I had the same stupid problem a while ago.


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Re: T520 Wifi New drivers from Intel



As I mentioned in my first post on both occasions I installed all features for PROSet including My Wifi. I can start it and I see a GUI for it but it says  "No supported Intel wireless network adapter was found", same is with WiDi (I reinstalled it). I read somewhere that My Wifi must be enabled for WiDi to work. 




My device manager is clean (I tend to remove all obsolete or removed devices because that speeds up booting time). I have LAN and WiFi adapters listed there and they are operational in windows and AC but not recognized by My WiFi Utility. Also both adapters are enabled in BIOS and hardware switch is on. I think this is not hardware or disabled item problem because adapters work in other applications.




At first this was my opinion also...get rid of AC. But as I am IT Specialist working on different networks a lot I have a big use for AC. It reduces my time to always configure different VLANs, proxy, mapped network drive, etc. As far as I can see all WiDi components are installed.


Update to the issue regarding My Wifi and WiDi:


I left my laptop on work in locked state. I didn't do anything on it, nothing new installed, nothing changed and this morning I tried once more to start My Wifi. Guess what?! It worked!!! WiDi also! So I played for it for an hour, tried to connect my mobile to it, tried some DLNA players and all was fine. Then I restart it and everything was as day before.... "No supported Intel wireless network adapter was found" again. 

For now I'm testing order of powering up WiFi card and applications. I think that My Wifi won't work if you start it while WiFi adapter is disabled via Fn+F5 shortcut (not hardware switch one). Right now I need my wireless operational for work so will do tests during weekend.



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Re: T520 and Intel My WiFi

[ Edited ]

Using the original material loaded on my computer with no attempt to load the newer driver set from Intel, I follwed the 11 steps found here and remedied the missing .dll situation. Everything works.


As to the OP's concerns about I would say it doesn't apply because the page explicitly says "Intel® My WiFi Technology is disabled and the feature is not available for install." Since the driver set included in the original software load supports the installation of My WiFI, I think it's safe to assume Lenovo has not blocked it. Besides, it works.


I would try getting as close to the as delivered condition on your T520, meaning the original driver set and try using the 11 step measures mentioned above. Good luck.



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Re: T520 and Intel My WiFi

So after few tests performed this week I can say for sure that main issue with My Wifi and WiDi is in power up order. What I mean by it? I found out that if I start any of these applications while my wireless adapter is offline (via Fn+F5 not the hardware switch) or it is in use (connected to any wireless network) these applications will report errors. Re-enabling or disconnecting from wireless network doesn't help (restart only). Also I had to remove ProSET from startup cause my adapter is always in off mode until I need it. This way ProSET will start during boot and won't work.


Perhaps there is a conflict issue or wifi ownership trouble, I'm not sure. All I can say is that I have all Lenovo default drivers installed (as suggested by Software Update). I don't have wifi, lan or any other network utility installed. For now my T520 is setup to my likings and know how to start My Wifi and WiDi. I hope I will have more time in future to reinstall it and test a bit more to find our real cause to this issue.


Thank you all for your assistance in this matter.



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