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Re: T520 availability with Quad Core Processor, Optimus and FHD display, or get a W520?

My sales droid at Lenovo, says to be patient til the 29th, this weekend.  At least for US customers.  Apparently that is when the better equipped T520's will appear here.


I appreciate your summary of your research.  I sit here with the reference pdf copied and annotated by my desk but am still waiting for the better T520's and the W520 to be up on the site so I can be certain of the price difference.


For instance it appears that a very well equipped (FHD, good graphics, 2720qm chip, etc) W520 in the 4276 code will be about the same cost as a well equipped T520.  But the same equipment or very nearly the same in a W520 with a 4282 or 4284 code are about $800 US more.  And I can't yet reconcile the differences.


We shall see very soon.


BTW, the quad core I7 2720QM T520 was up on the US website for about 4 hours last Friday, but without switchable graphics.  I tried to order it and got a message in my Cart that it was not a proper config.  That is when I contacted Lenovo and was told to wait til the 29th.





W550s I5 QHCD, W520, I7 2720QM, M4 512 GB SSD OS/Program Disk, C300 256 GB Data Disk in Ultrabay Caddy; X220, I7 2620, Samsung 256 GB SSD, Intel 310 mSata Drv, T61, ancient but working, Asus MoBo, I7 2600k overclocked
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Re: T520 availability with Quad Core Processor, Optimus and FHD display, or get a W520?



As the man standing in the railroad tunnel said as the train approached him...  I see the light


Since the i7-2620M dual core, clocks at 2.70GHz (gigaflops),
when it is handling a single thread of instructions, it will complete the task quicker than a i7-2920XM quad core Xtreme clocked at 2.50GHz.


Because hyperthreading allows the 2nd generation Intel dual core processor to handle two threads per core, a 2nd generation dual core processor can be concurrrently working on up to 4 threads at a time.


I expect that during system boot, hibernate and resume, Windows 7 presents quite a few threads for processing, and a Quad core can crunch up to 8 threads to completion, quickly. 


On the other hand when I am doing a rebuild of a single database file, that job probably only presents one thread, and processor clock speed becomes the key factor in when the job completes.




That German T520 4243-3UG model, is pretty much what I am looking for, I guess its time to relax and wait.  Or, start learning Deutsche so I can read that keyboard!




Thanks for the reinforcement on the wait a week until March 29th message.

I cannot explain the difference in price between a
W520 4276-37U $1628
W520 4282-3SU $2404


Thanks again,



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W520 4276-2QU i7-2720QM quad core, 4GBx1, FHD(1920x1080), NVIDIA Quadro 2000M, 500GB-7200, 6205WiFi, 720pCamera, Bluetooth, vPro, 57++9cell, 27++9cellSlice, Win7Pro64
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Re: T520 availability with Quad Core Processor, Optimus and FHD display, or get a W520?

I thought I would update this thread.


I am running a T520 (November 2011 ship-date) with 16 GB.  I run mine strictly with Discrete Graphics with Fedora 16 x64 and Windows 7 Pro (that it shipped with).  It has been running for a week now and I have not noticed any issue(s) thus far.


[root@neo ~]# cat /proc/cpuinfo | tail -25

processor: 7

vendor_id: GenuineIntel

cpu family: 6

model: 42

model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2760QM CPU @ 2.40GHz