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T520 - how to output audio to external speakers


I am trying to connect my new T520 to the external speakers I had used with a bricked desktop, and I don`t want to cause any damage.


The speakers (subwoofer and two small speakers) were previously connected to a lime green jack on my desktop.  My question:  can I use the earphone jack of the Lenovo for that connection ?  


You can plug the green speaker plug into the headphone/audio out jack.  It will work fine because that is meant for audio output - either to headphone or external speakers.


To adjust the volume of your external speakers, go to Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Realtek HD Audio Manager.

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tiredmusicman57 On 2016-12-30, 9:35 AM

When i connect me external speakers it does not mute the built in speakers why is this?

ad63 On 2018-11-09, 22:31 PM

hi.i have a lenevo laptop idealpad.i have bought external speakers,with the ordinary jackplug.but its a totaly diffrent port  to the one i have on the speakers.if anything its simular to the charging port.is there a way around this,ie an adaptor i can purchase.TIA

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