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Blue Screen Again
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T520 new user notes

Hello all.


I just received my t520 (i5, Optimus 1600x900, 9cell ). Before it, I've been using  an R51 for 7 years . I like the new notebook so far.


I wanted to tell about a few minor glitches.


First , the thinklight LED shines right into my eyes. I have to stick a  small piece masking tape to partially block the  direct light. This is obviosly a design issue not found during ergonomics testing.


Second, when a keyboard is not right but 45 degrees forward ( for example, on Logitech Alto laptop stand ) , I heard clicking noises on the left. Probably a cooler off balance. I am not sure whether it a problem of my particular unit.


Third, when doing a BIOS 1.28 update from Bootable CD, I saw some spelling mistakes (or typos) in the README text. THAT made me nervous: aren't they supposed to test the updates? Fortunately, the update was successful.


Now good points. The keyboard is fantastic. Please don't improve it anymore. The Fn key is in the right place (so I can turn on Thinklight in the night fast ).  


I don't lilke rounded buttons on the top, I think they're out of style; also I would prefer "On" button to be less highlighted.


Thank you, Thinkpad engineers, for reading this post. Thank you Lenovo salesmen for allowing the engineers to do their best with T series.


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Re: T520 new user notes

The ThinkLight LED cable may have shifted a bit...

I've noticed clicking on my T400 when the laptop is not too horizontal. Probably related to the fact that it uses magnetic bearings.

LOL at the typos, though.

Enjoy your new T520! Smiley Very Happy

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