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T530 Potential Backup Parts

2014-03-15, 13:49 PM

After reading about all of the trials, tribulations and problems that the latest T540/440 ThinkPads are having I am thinking ahead about how to keep my T530 working and viable for the foreseeable future.  Those thoughts lead me to wonder if I should buy some critical replaceable parts for my T530 and have them ready to install if and when some critical part on my T530 needs replacement. 


Can I really count on Lenovo having those parts on hand to fix my ThinkPad when I might need them say 4-5 years down the road?  For example who would have thought that Lenovo would do away with the 3 physical buttons for the TrackPoint.  Also what about the HD, Bluetooth and Sleep indicators; not to mention the dedicated "F" buttons as well as the "Offset Key Board" to accommodate the Number Pad.  So many long time loyal ThinkPad users have continually expressed their frustrations regarding the "New" ThinkPads that I am amazed that Lenovo has not been proactive and addressed all of the concerns that loyal ThinkPad users have repeatedly expressed over the last 12 to 18 months.  Reliability and compatibility problems seem to be significantly more prevalent with each ”newer” model.


So my question is a simple one, what FRU's/Parts should I have on hand to "future proof" my T530 or am I simply being too paranoid?  I do consider myself extremely lucky/fortunate to have purchased my T530 when I did as I would have been really bummed out having to buy a T540 instead.  My T530 has had zero problems, no overheating, no loud cooling fan noises, flimsy construction issues, no Track Pad issues, and no throttling issues. Just look at the postings on the Forums, there are almost no mention of any ongoing problems with the T530 models.  My T530 is totally silent and preforms flawlessly, that’s the reason why I want to “future proof” it as long as I can as I see no viable replacement ThinkPads available in the offing.  Aside from the DVD drive, the keyboard seems to be the only part that could eventually wear and need replacement.  I would appreciate thoughts regarding any other potential parts that might be candidates for backups.


As I have posted before, I am a 23 year IBM retiree and was trained on providing the best quality products for complete and total customer satisfaction.  It is very sad for me to see the slow demise of the high quality ThinkPads

that IBM has produced and I have owned over the years since Lenovo has taken over the ThinkPad line from IBM. 

Unfortunately that’s the very reason why I have to even think about “Future Proofing” my T530.



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Re: T530 Potential Backup Parts

2014-03-15, 16:43 PM

Lenovo will have parts for sale long after the time your machine will be useful to you.  There are also used parts available,  There are people still using windows 98 machines, and there are parts for those


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This helped me too


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Re: T530 Potential Backup Parts

2014-03-16, 16:45 PM
eBay will have spare parts for years. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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