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Fanfold Paper
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T530 backlit and non backlit feel different ??



Lenovo say that on the T530 etc...   That the backlit keyboard feels the same as the non backlit keyboard

as far as Tactile feedback goes.


Others on these forums say that  the non backlit has more tactile feeback similar to the old keyboards

and the backlit keyboard has a softer feel that requires less force to register a key press.


Is there anyone here who has used the backlit chiclet keyboard and non- chiclet keyboard and 

give a comparison


Many Thanks

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Re: T530 backlit and non backlit feel different ??

There are at least three companies that make the non-backlit keyboards for the T530, two of which also make the backlit versions:



04W3025 2 FRU CS12-KBD USE CHY

04W3063 2 FRU CS12 B/L KBD USE CHY

04W3100 2 FRU CS12-KBD USE SRX

04W3137 2 FRU CS12 B/L KBD USE SRX

04W3174 2 FRU CS12-KBD USE LTN


USE=US English






While these keyboards are built to the same design specs, there are going to be slight differences in feel between makes if not between identical samples of the same make and FRU. 


P.S. I notice you're in the UK. The same PDF also lists 5 UKE (UK English) FRUs.

Cheers... Dorian Hausman • ca.gif English community
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