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Blue Screen Again
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T540p Display working but no backlight (black screen)

Hi guys!


I'm really having a bad time, my laptop is currently unusable since the backlight is not working on either the TN panel or IPS panel that I have for it.


when I first got the laptop it worked fine, allthough it ran a bit hot 65c idle. So I decided to change the thermal paste for with some Arctic Silver MX-4 and the idle temps dropped to 43c idle, a very nice improvement if you ask me.


Then I decided to change the awful TN panel that it came with since I've done that a thousand times before with other laptops, so I went ahead and ordered one from eBay (it came from UK) since I did not want to risk some china panel potentially breaking my precious new laptop.


when I got the new panel, I turned off the laptop then removed the battery and pressed the power button for 30 seconds, then porceeded to take the bezel off and remove the "old" working display and install the new display. No problem.... or so i thought...


There was only a black screen when i booted it back up!

turns out that the backlight was not working (I was shining with a flashlight and getting a picture on the monitor itself)

I then did the same procedure and replaced the "new" monitor(IPS) with the "old"(TN)


still no backlight... I really needed it for my school, so I went to a local PC-repair shop that could fix things such as laptop.


thay said that there was 3 possibilities:

broken monitor

broken motherboard (GPU is soldered on motherboard)

borken cable from motherboard to the monitor


they could NOT fix my laptop sadly and I decided to try myself and finally got a new cable from eBay which sadly did not help, here I'm just sitting with a laptop that has 2 monitors a TN and an IPS panel no backlight in either of them.


Does anyone have a solution?


(I've tried installing, fingerprint driver, displaydriver (lenovo,Intel & Nvidia) and replacing the cable from the motherboard to monitor)


PS I spoke to a guy from lenovo support who said that the onsite guaranty is gone due to me changing the thermal paste.


I can upload pictures if it helps! Smiley Happy

IMG_2179.JPGIMG_2181.JPGIMG_2183.JPGIMG_2182.JPGIMG_2184.JPGwindows works fine


Bit Torrent
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Re: T540p Display working but no backlight (black screen)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but It is most likely a blown backlight fuse on the system board     Unfortunately they are very small and soldered to the board, but technically, if you knew the location of the fuse on the system board and its rating/value, I suppose you could replace it, but locating would take some hunting around    Fises are often marked F1, F2 etc. and sometimes they even have the fuse rating listed as well (see link to forum below), but there is no guarantee that wil be the case with your system.   


You might consider posting in the forum and see if anyone there has successfully replaced the fuse.


x201 no backlight issue (burned fuse)


Good Luck

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