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I have few problems with my new T540p Win 7 laptop.


First problem:

After rebooting system are multimedia keys active (F1=mute, F2=volume -, etc...) but I need clasic function keys (F1, F2, F3... ) Unfortunately I am not able to to permanently swap it. I can only pres Fn+Esc - but it is until notebook is rebooted. I read, that there should be possibility to change it in BIOS, but unfortunately I don't have option to change it inmy version of bios. 


Is there any chance to do it by another way? (Some utility/software/register modification etc?)

I am really upset about locking Fn all the time. 


Second problem: 

I installed Hotkey Features on my laptop. Everything works fine, but NumLock ON signalization is always visible. Once I turns off NumLock, it dissapears within 5 sec. I believe that this permanent signalization is because of models without numeric keyboard, so there was necessary to make this signalization permanent.


Is there any way, to remove this signalization?


For the first Issue, BIOS itself should remember the last state of Fn-Lock, and then restore it after shutdown/reboot.


In this case, please ensure you have the latest BIOS update installed. If you'd like to download the BIOS please click on the link below.


BIOS Update Utility



For the second Issue, please ensure that you are have the latest hotkey software installed. In order to download the latest hotkey please click on the link below.


Otherwise try this below to disable the signalization:

  1. Right click on desktop
  2. Choose Screen Resolution
  3. Click Advenced
  4. Then On-screen display

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The led light on Fn is always on with FnLk which I don't like, can I revert the definiton of the lock so that the LED is off but F1-F12 are classic Fn keys?


I have a problem on my laptop LENOVO Windows 7 ulitimate. I want to remove those function keys. Everytime i press F1-mute F2-decrease sound F3- increase sound so on F12. I want to remove those function keys can someone help mo how to. I try searching on internet but i not works Smiley Sad


Here's what I added to my install script to disable the annoying "NumLock is On" message:

IF EXIST "%ProgramFiles%\Lenovo\HOTKEY\tpnumlk.exe" RENAME "%ProgramFiles%\Lenovo\HOTKEY\tpnumlk.exe" "tpnumlk.exe.disable"


(Basically, rename/remove the tpnumlk.exe file in the Program Files\Lenovo folder. On a laptop with a dedicated number pad, this file should'nt exist; It's a symptom of a poorly written HotKey utility app)