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I'm having some troubles with the T540p in the UltraDock.


I have a setup with 3 displays:

- internal

- external on DVI

- external on DisplayPort
The external ones are connected to the UltraDock.


I've got the problem that the external monitor on the DVI-Port blanks frequently (about every 15min) for 2-3 seconds.

Less frequently (about once every 1-2 hours) all external Monitors blank for about 5-10 seconds and you can hear in the speakers the Windows sound for disconnecting and reconnecting devices.


A firmware update of ThinkPad Ultra Doc is needed to address the issue which happened when using with docking station.


For your info, please refer to this tip in Lenovo support site.


Here's some content extracted from the tip.


Affected Systems : W540, T540p, T440p, T440, T440s, X240, L540, L440


An issue was discovered on the ThinkPad Pro Dock and ThinkPad Ultra Dock that could result in the following symptoms:


  • External monitor(s) connected to any of the display ports on the dock may have their display go blank during use and will not automatically return.

External monitor(s) connected to any of the display ports on the dock may flicker black and the image will automatically return after a period of time.

The firmware for the DisplayPort hub in the dock needs to be updated :

If the display on an external monitor connected to a ThinkPad Pro Dock or a ThinkPad Ultra dock is flickering or going blank, download the firmware (fwdphb01.exe) from the following URL:


  1. A window will pop up asking you to Run or Save the file. Select Save.
  2. Choose the folder you would like to download the file to and select Save. A different window will appear and the download will begin and complete. Once the download has completed, there may or may not be a message stating that the download completed successfully.
  3. Make sure to be logged on with an Administrator account.
  4. Make sure your system is docked to the ThinkPad Pro Dock or Ultra Dock with at least one external monitor connected.

Installing file:

  1. Close all applications.
  2. Double click the downloaded file: fwdphb01.exe
  3. It will display the current firmware version and the firmware version to be installed.
  4. If the current firmware version on your dock is older than 2.17.000, then click the Update firmware button.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete installation and restart the dock with following action:
  6. Shutdown the system, unplug the AC adapter from the dock, and wait for 5 seconds. Then, re-attach the AC adapter and power on.
  7. If your docking station already updated, then click the Cancel Update button to exit.




While the firmware update should be the solution in the majority of cases, some screen flicker symptoms have also been reported in conjunction with certain 135W AC adapters.   If you have installed the dock firmware update listed above and are still experiencing screen flicker, please see this related support article


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I still have issues after upgrading my dock. I'm sad Lenovo has come to this after many years of faultless devices.
135w dock, T440p.2x Displayport connection

We really need to get someone from Lenovo to weigh in on this and revisit it. This is completely unacceptable as the power adapter I am using came factory bundled with the dock.
My issue particularly happens consistently when watching online video, youtube, vimeo etc and scrolling webpages.

I have wiped and loaded fresh os with all the latest drivers both from lenovo site and from intel/nvidia and both result in the same issue. there is some sort of video card or power supply issue that needs to be addressed I am almost $2500 usd invested in this system and rely on it for my work.

There are a lot of users still with issues after the firmware upgrade.

Please someone from Lenovo, chime in.


I also downloaded the firmware update.  It worked for a few days.  And now I'm having the same problem again.  The VGA display goes to black and sometimes comes back and sometimes doesn't.  This is beyond frustrating.  I spent close to $2,500 on this machine and this is the second major issue.  


And the Lenovo phone techs have no idea what I'm talking about.  One, in fact, hung up on me as I was trying to explain that there is a firmware fix on this already.


Hi Lenovo

In my office we have several computers with the same problem. We have tried the firmwareupdate and tried to comfigure our setups with all possible combinations of displays, cables and mouse/keyboard combinations - still we can't solve the problem. Right now half of our installations work, but the other half has the problem.


It is quite frustrating, having bought lots of new gear - and then i doesn't work!


Come on Lenovo - we need action - please!



I've updated the article.   There are several possible causes of screen flicker - this article above and the related firmware update for the dock are expected to address the majority of cases.  


However, if you have applied this and are still experiencing the symptoms, please review this related support site tip related to some 135w AC adapters.




Hi Mark


Thank you for your follow-up.


It seems as if the powersupply is the key to the problems - all our problems are with adaptors fro the series 366. Where we have adapters from series 362 we have no problems.


I found this article too:


I am now testing - hoping that my problems are solwed...


/ Finn



I purchased a 170w power adapter to use with my dock and the problem went away. This is clearly a power adapter/incompatibility issue that needs to be publicly addressed, and noted so that when people call in for support they can get a power adapter swap out.


applies to W540, T440s and X240 using Pro dock p/n: sd20a06038


I don't have any flickering issues or monitors turning off after 30 or 60 minutes.  I don't have one of the bad power supplies listed and the dock has the most up-to-date firmware.(2.17.000)


When I dock any of the laptops with the lid closed but in an awake state the monitors will not light up.  If I press the power button to sleep and again to wake up then the monitors will light up.


Tried multiple pro docks and multiple 90w and 170w power supplies.


Hi everyone. Not sure if people still have this problem, but we had it at our office until today when we found a solution. We tried firmware, power supplys and everything.. Nothing worked. Then we tried a pretty obvious solution. Instead of updating display driver via the integrated "Sytem Update" software, we went unto Lenovos web page and downloaded the newest display driver from there. Then all computers worked. It might be worth a try for some of you..


I have this exact same issue.  Lenovo support is completely clueless about it (note here to the guys in Georgia!)  I received another docking station today (both already had the latest firmware, so the article about firmware upgrade did not help me) and the replacement docking station did the exact thing! Fortunately I was able to see the quick screen message about being in airplane mode, and see that there are issues with the 135W adapter. So not sure if I have a bad adapter, or if I need the 170W adapter. None the less, support is sending me the 170W adapter.

Since lots of people are having this issue, I wish support would be more versed in the solution. I will update this again when receive the new adapter.



Had this problem on a T440s using a Pro Dock after a system restore.  Was working perfectly prior to the restore then I resintalled Win 7 64.  One of my Ausus external monitors had a flickering in the lower centre.  Following most of the solutions regarding this matter including upgrading the firmware on my dock and checking drivers etc.  Somehow Windows had decided that my one LCD screen would be beter suited for 60i Hz refresh rate while the other should be 59p Hz.  Changed both to 60p Hz refresh rate and the problem went away.  Didnt even think of checking that as it was automatic last time.  Hopefully this helps someone.


I finally requested a new 135W adapter.  I have been using it for 4 days and the problem has not repeated.  So evidenltly that was the issue. 


Check out this link which shows that some adapters have issue and a replacement is recommended..


in the 40a1 series of Pro Dock the firmware upgrade gives you an error that i don't have right now in hand


My issue was flickering while on 1080p using Dock Display Port.


I Just updated Video Drivers. Solved


-Greetings from Chile!


ThinkPad Ultra/Pro Doc


Note: Release 3 (v2.22) of this update tool does not provide the user with a dialog of the current Dock Firmware version prior to updating.  Release 1 (v2.17) of this did.



Release Firmware Rev Issue Date
-------- -------- --- ----------
fwdphb03 2.22.000 01 2014/08/25
fwdphb02 2.21.000 01 2014/07/03
fwdphb01 2.17.000 01 2014/02/10


If your power supply is at fault, a firmware update will not solve the problem. I updated the display drivers and the dock firmware, but the flickering only got worse. I ended up using 2 power supplies - one connected to the laptop and the other connected to the dock and have not had a single flicker since. The 170W power supply is in the mail. It remains to be seen if that will allow me to keep the 2nd adapter in the bag.


<Please delete, wrong thread>


My IT department ordered me a 170W adapter (which Lenovo would not send me) and it has been working fine.  So it appears this issue is realted to a bad power adapter.


Our company recently purchase all new Lenovo ThinkPads,  I am trying to get my two 23" displays to work with my T540p and  Pro Dock 40A1.  My displays will work fine until the computer goes to sleep or at times does not read them on power up (will connected to docking station).   I have been on the phone with Lenovo Tech support, MS Tech Support and the display manufacture tech support.  There is still an issue, after: new drivers, new firmware, MS hotfix for windows 7 64bit. Updates...... New cables....Monitors moved to family desktop to make sure they are working properly..If anyone knows a solution to this issue please post... over 12 hours of lost time trying to get a resolution.   


I have had this problem for over a year now, and I've tried a variety of things during that time without success. But surprisingly, I finally have a problem-free setup now. Here are the details.


I'm on a T440s with an external DVI monitor and also an external HDMI monitor. I've had the common problem that I saw in an older (similar) thread where my monitors going blank for 5 - 10 seconds, along with sometimes seeing a monitor have a fuzzy image just before it goes blank, and I've also had my Ultradock appear to lose its connection such that USB devices connected to the Ultradock suddenly stop working for about 10 seconds (e.g., keyboard, printer), and then after the Microsoft Windows sounds play (which usually correspond to USB devices being connected), it's all working again.


  • I've tried the newer Ultradock firmware (fwdphb03). This changed my original problems and in some ways, things got worse.
  • I've tried two other power packs for the Ultradock.
  • I've tried updating the Intel HD graphics drivers.

What finally worked? I downgraded back to the original firmware (fwdphb01), which took a really long time to process. And I've got the stronger 135W power pack in use. I'm also running the 9/30/14 Intel HD graphics driver.  I've also got both monitors set to 60p Hz via the Intel Graphics control panel.


I don't know what was the true fix but I do know that my combination above is finally stable and working for me, and it became stable after downgrading my firmware. 



I am also having this problem but nothing on this thread has worked. I'm on a T440s with 2x Dell U2415 displays via DisplayPort cables (the ones that came with the units, though I have tried Monoprice ones too). What I've tried:


  • Update to 2.220
  • Swap Ultra Dock with new unit from Lenovo
  • Change 90W to 135W power supply
  • Umpteen different display drivers in both Windows 8.1 and Fedora 22

Extremely frustrated and Lenovo support seems to be caught completely unaware on this issue.

I ended up with a HooToo display link for my displays. 5 minutes to install and up and running. I have not had any other issues. I went through 4 warranty Lenovo docking stations, hot patch, new drivers, monitor helpline, software assistance.............. I finally just purchased the new docking-display link.
I called Lenovo several times to try to alert them of the issue. I was told that if the assistance could not help there was not anything they could do. If I wrote a letter to the corp office, with out a contact, it would go into noman's land.


I ran into the same problem with two dock's on two different systems using hdmi on port 1 and port 2 of the monitor which is a Samsung S29E790C @ 2560x1980. One system is a t440s using a 40A20170US and a t450 using a 40A20070US. The screen will flicker and then blank for about 5-10 seconds. The odd thing is both docks would drive two Samsung 24" inch monitors and there were no issues - DVI or DP on the dock had no issues. This only appreared after the new 790C monitor was hooked up. Both docks are using the latest firmware. I am using the latest Lenovo video drivers but I have not checked the Intel site for where the drivers are as far as versioning is concerned.


I have a T440s with two external screens connected via DVI and HDMI to the Dock. I use a 90W AC adapter (45N0250) and run Win7 x64.


After installing the Dock Synaptics firmware update to V2.22, which was flagged as recommended by Lenovo System Update, the problems of external screens turning black for a few seconds started. I think, only the display connected via HDMI was affected. The screen turned black roughly once every hour for a couple of seconds and then came back up.


Meanwhile I updated to the most recent Intel HD Graphics Driver (, but that didn't change anything.



I could only solve this problem by manually downgrading the Firmware to V2.17 ( as mentioned earlier by cgibney.

Update: V2.17 did not work after all. The issue came back after a while. So far I haven't found a reliable solution.

I should add that for me, even though the older firmer plus higher wattage power packs helped a lot, I still encounter screen blank-outs on occassion. Typically if I reboot, I'll be okay for a day or two though.



I just bought a new w550s and an ultra dock experiencing exactly the same issue. My external monitor goes blank quite frequently when connected to the displayport of the ultra dock.


I already did a bios update (now 2.7) and an update of the dock's firmware (now 2.22), to no avail.


Using the w550s's display port as well as using the docks's HDMI however works without flickering.


I am very disappointed especially considering that this seems to be a rather old issue Smiley Sad.

FWIW, I am seeing the same problem with NO DOCK. I have a 440s (Windows 10) with up to date Intel HD Graphics (driver version running an external Asus 1920 x 1200 monitor via a miniDisplayPort to HDMI cable. Power supply is FRU 45N0475 which is just 45W. The monitor periodically goes black for a few seconds many times per day.

I have recently changed my screen setup from:

internal screen, DVI, HDMI


internal screen, DVI, DisplayPort.

All external screens are connected to the dock. It used to be only the HDMI port that had the flickering issue.


*It appears* that the issue is now gone - at least it improved drastically as I didn't have any flickering in the last few days.


Current config: T440s, Win 7x64, Dock Firmware V2.22, Intel Graphics Driver, Bios 2.35

I am still using the 90W PSU (FRU 45N0250) for the dock.


Setup: T440, Win 7x32, pro dock firmware 2.22, Intel Graphics Driver, 90w adapter


I just upgraded to a single BenQ WQHD monitor connected to the dock using dispayport. Should be straightforward, right? But I'm plagued by the intermittent blank screen issue, which interrupts my work and has caused me to waste hours of troubleshooting time the past two days.


I've tried the dock firmware updates and the latest Lenovo and generic Intel display drivers. Like other posters I'm dismayed that this issue has been open and unresolved for so long. The two last things I want to do are:


1) spend time with Lenovo support on the phone, as other posters indicate they are not informed on this issue, or

2) spend more money on a 135w adapter


I plan to run at a lower display resolution until I can replace my Lenovo laptop with a reliable computer  :[

Based on dd23's report I changed my "no dock" setup (3 posts above) to use a mDP to DisplayPort rather than mDP to HDMI cable. I have not seen the screen blanking since. This makes me think that that there are two separate issues: one related to HDMI and one related to docks.

go to bios settings and play with display settings. I forgot what I exactly changed but that fixed the issue. Its in your bios seetings. I no longer have that laptop else would have loked it up.


Bei uns hat folgendes geholfen:


Vermutlich haben wir die Ursache und Lösung des Problems selber gefunden.


Es liegt zu 99% an Mobiltelefonen die unmittelbar in der Nähe der Notebooks mit der Docking Station aufbewahrt werden oder liegen.

Wir haben es an 3 Notebooks mit Docking Stations getestet und sind zu dem Ergebnis gekommen. Sobald das Handy in der Nähe liegt fangen die Problem an.

Ca. 1m entfernt gint es keinerlei Probleme mehr.


This is a recurrng problem with our Lenovo Laptop 50-30.  Each time Wondows 10 updates we lose the Graphics driver and need to revert to the original Intel grahics driver.    Surely the Lenovo Company is able to talk to and sort out the problem with MS Wndows.   We know this problem is not unique to Lenovo so Windows provider should be able to sort it with those who use their system and they hve a lot more influence than one widnws user like me.   Trying to make this pint on Windows 10 sites has no worked.     Does anyone have any other suggestions?