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T540p Thinkpad plugged in but not charging

Hi, I have a 3 year old (ish) T540p which all of a sudden is giving me this message when the ac power adapter is plugged in.  I have two adapters as I have the docking station also which I normally use and neither of these adapters are working.  I have read some posts on here and tried all of the suggested actions to rectify this but none seem to be working for some reason.


Funnily enough in the Lenovo Vantage application I tried to do the battery gauge reset and as soon as i set that off the laptop started to charge and got up to 100%, i left it for a good couple of hours and didn't seem to move on to the next part in the cycle which is to drain the battery so I cancelled it.  I thought that the fact that it had started to charge might have reset something but alas I'm back in the same position where I'm getting the plugged in but not charging message.


I've recently updated to Windows 10 but the chargers have worked fine since, now for some reason they are not.


Can anybody give me any help troubleshooting to try and sort the problem out.  Is it likely to be the battery which needs replacing or is there someting else that it could be perhaps?



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Re: T540p Thinkpad plugged in but not charging

What about your battery threshold settings? 

When you're doing battery calibration (gauge reset), it's a common thing that your inducator stucks at some percentage of charging and discharging. 

I suggest you to turn off any threshold you set, turn off the machine, turn it on with no battery, then turn it off and re-set the battery.

What about discharging? Is it normal? Try to discharge it to below 50% and then plug the charger.

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