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T540p Trackpoint - clicking virtual buttons on clickpad gives no response

I've just gotten what I hoped would be an awesome new T540p.  So far, the experience is going horribly because I can't seem to use the Trackpoint reliably.  Specifically, when I click the trackpoint button on either side - left or right -(virtual buttons along the top edge of the clickpad), absolutely nothing happens.  No right click menu, no mouse click - no action of any kind is recorded.  Let me be clear - the clickpad is visibly and fully depressed.  There is no doubt at all that the clickpad has been depressed.  But there is no actual mouse click action.  


In order for me to get a reliable "click" out of the Trackpoint click area on the clickpad, I have to move my thumb down and in to the tracking area of the clickpad.  This is very awkward and involves wrist movement.  Compare this to the superior design of the old T530 trackpoint buttons - they are angled and shaped so that they are perfectly located to be pressed by your thumb without having to bend your thumb or move your wrist, your fingers get to stay right on the home row where they belong.


Lenovo:  I use and love the TrackPoint.  It and the keyboard are the reason I purchase thinkpads.  Without it, I could and would buy any other manufacturer.  Please put my TrackPoint buttons back.  Or at least let me choose to order the T540 with a T530 keyboard/trackpad so that we have a choice!  I would easily pay an extra $100 for the old TrackPoint buttons.

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Re: T540p Trackpoint - clicking virtual buttons on clickpad gives no response

You are not the only one experiencing these problems.For a TrackPoint user the new "clickpad" is a physically flawed design. Too much pressure is required for a click, and the erratic behavior has not disappeared with any of the driver updates. 


It seems that the whole physical desing of the "clickpad" without separate mouse buttons is flawed. The ergonomics of the keyboard not very good either.


I do not know any TrackPoint user who thinks the new desing usable at all. Some people liking it have written about it, but apparently most of the people who like the new desing are not TrackPoint users who do not move their hands when writing.

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