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T540p and Middle-Click not working

So, I just got my T540p 2 days ago, and while getting everything set up, I realize that a few things are off with the clickpad.  For a while, most clicks were not being registered: left, right, or middle.  It could take some furious clicking just to get one click registered.  Next, no matter what settings I set, I could not get middle click to register as a middle-click - they were always taken as left clicks.  And finally, I could not get right-click to register unless I set button size to either Large or Full.  At standard, right-clicks were seen as left-clicks.


Here's the rub - I think I've narrowed it down to the driver.  After submitting a warranty request yesterday, I started playing with it some more, and here is what I've found:


After a few full shutdowns and reboots, responses got better:  Clicks were more reliably registered, and right-clicks worked, even on Standard button size in the settings.  However, middle-clicks were still impossible.  Any attempt at a middle-click was registered as a left-click.  This was with the Lenovo driver installed.


After uninstalling the Lenovo driver, middle clicks started working.  Unfortunately, mouse speed is painfully slow without the Lenovo driver installed, so this is not much of an option.  I tried downloading a driver directly from Synaptics, and that did not seem to help the mouse speed - this driver doesn't seem to add the UltraNav tab to the mouse settings which allows me to increase the speed of the TrackPoint.  However the Synaptics driver (which claims to be older than the Lenovo driver) did allow middle-clicks.


Next, I re-installed the Lenovo driver and after the first reboot clicks were back to being unreliable and middle-clicks vanished again.  After a 2nd reboot, left and right- clicks became better, but still no middle clicks.


So, I've determined that it's not a hardware issue anymore, but a driver issue.  I now have a box on the way to ship my laptop back - but since it's not a hardware problem, I don't see the need to send the laptop back.


Does anyone have any insight on what I should do?  Send it back and let Lenovo attempt to change settings/etc. to get my middle-click working?  Or patiently wait for a driver update that may or may not fix the middle-click?


I will say that I am very impressed at the speed of getting the 'warranty fix' box, so THANK YOU to Lenovo for an amazing response there.  I'm just getting frustrated with the clickpad issues.



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