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T540p or W530 for photoshop editing, need your help!! :-)

Hello everyone,


Always a pleasure to be in the Lenovo groups!


I have a bit of a dilemma. I am going to be purchasing either the T540 or the W530 very soon. I will be using the laptop mostly for my photography. The issue i have is that two very important things to me are 1. IPS screen  2. Proper color rendition and calibration.


With that said, i believe i will have to make a trade off. From what i can gather, the T540 has an IPS screen available which will allow for great viewing angles, but no color calibration feature. The W530, on the other hand, does not have an IPS screen, has a lower NITS rating, but does have the color calibration feature.


So, given this information i would like to know which do you think is more of an issue for my photography needs, the IPS feature or the color calibration feature?


If the color is really good out of the box with the T540 then i would be ok. The last Lenovo i had (a while back) had terrible "reds" they looked very "orangy", but im hoping the new models have true colors. Next, if i get the W530 im thinking the color problem would be less of a factor but with no IPS i fear that as the viewing angle changes, the more or less brightness or contrast occurs which really makes it hard for photo editing.


Please let me know what you think as i value your opinion very much!


best to you,



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Re: T540p or W530 for photoshop editing, need your help!! :-)

1, you can get an external screen calibrator, which are more accurate and can be used with other machines.

2. If you need it for photography, then you would also need something with wide gamut in addition to viewing angle. If the T540p's IPS has gamut of around 95%, then it would be something I would consider.

Jin Li

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