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Paper Tape
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T540p - when undocking internal display unusable

Hi community,


we are using several Thinkpads for years mostly without issues. But for a while now we have to experience issues with our T540p's in combination with pro and ultimate docks. And lately we also run into the same issue with a T570.

Here our configuration, there are two external displays connected to the docking and one of them is the primary screen.

And this is the issue: When we undock the T540p, the internal display should switch to be the primary and only display, but it doesn't. It seems to be that the T540p is still thinking to have external displays connected. The internal display is all black but I can move the mouse pointer from the right into the screen and can also move it out of the screen by pulling it downwards.

All windows are opened on the virtual screen,which means I cannot see any configuration windows to change display behavior. Pressing Fn+F7 and up or down arrow blind does not change anything.

It does not matter if I undock the T540p while it is running, or if I shutdown the system before undocking. When this error occurs it also does not matter if I connect an external display to the T540p directly, I still cannot see anything. To set the internal display to be the main display before undocking does not change the behavior anyway.

If I put the T540p into the docking again, mostly everything is fine. The two external displays are running as before. If it was a desktop PC that would be fine but it is a notebook and we need to carry it with us and we need to connect a projector to it from time to time, so what do we have to do to get the machines running as expected ?


Has anyone a solution to this issue ?


Thanks in advance



P.s. sorry for my bad English but I hope I am understandable enough.

What's DOS?
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Re: T540p - when undocking internal display unusable



If it was working before, but not anymore, it could be a driver issue. Have you checked that your drivers are up to date? It could also be worth trying different versions for docking station firmware and display drivers.

Paper Tape
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Re: T540p - when undocking internal display unusable

Hi Tomi_354,


Thanks for your answer. This error occurs with 4 different Notebooks so far and as far as I can say they have different driver versions. But I have found another docking firmware that I will test as soon as I get one of the Notebooks in my hands again.


Some of those Notebooks have been upgraded from W7 to W10 lately, the T570 is a new one, all with 1709. It could be that it is the combination of 1709 with newer Lenovos and dockings what fails. Older Lenovos like T520 for example does not have this issue.


I am wondering, we get this error when we undock, so I guess the firmware of the docking should not be involved in this issue ?




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