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Token Ring
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T570: Trackpoint does not respond very well

Hi there,

So far I've been using a good old T61/T60 blend. Today I received a brand new T570 students' edition (512GB SSD, 8GB Ram, nVidia graphics, UHD display).

Alas, the trackpoint has a mind of his own. Vertical movements are fast and may also be precise, I can't tell for sure. However all horizontal movements are noticeably slower. Then, the pointer would move without the stick being touched, for several seconds. The trackpad is useless while the pointer is moving. Precise and fast movements as known from my old thinkpad are practically impossible. What did I try so far trying to solve the problem?

- updated bios and driver via thinkvantage system update
- on top of that I also tried lenovo bridge via browser, but did not find any newer driver versions
- I (de)activated enhanced mouse pointer acceleration, with no effect
- I also removed and reinstalled the red dot from the stick - no effect
- only deactivating the trackpoint helps, it even increases the precision of the touchpad, which seems to be constantly disturbed by the trackpoint

What can I do? Send the laptop back to lenovo? To me it seems someone was incapable of programming a solid driver for the trackpoint, and I struggle to understand this because my 10 years older thinkpad does not have problems of this kind. 

Thank you!

Punch Card
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Re: T570: Trackpoint does not respond very well

I have many experience when the mouse pointer move continuously by itself. Even on legacy model.

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