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Paper Tape
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T570 screen is a bunch of bars

Hi guys,


So I pull out my laptop this morning and it seems like the panel is busted.  There is a sliver at the top that seems to be "live", but the rest is almost like burned in stretch.  Every now and then if I'm wiggling the screen back and forth it will "refresh" and be clear for a second (but not "live", ie pointer movement does not show) and fades back into the stretch.


I have it hooked up via hdmi to my tv, where I am attempting to get service bridge to work, but I figured it'd be worth posting here too.  I assume since my tv image is clear, it is not a software issue and is either the backlight drivers (if such exist) or the panel itself.  I still have 72 days of warranty, is this something that would be covered?  And if so/not, how much am I looking at for repair?

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Bit Torrent
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Re: T570 screen is a bunch of bars

My guess is that the ribbon cable that passes the signal between the screen and the base is damaged/loose, or the panel itself has failed, but either way the problem should be covered under warranty, so I would open a warranty ticket.


Good Luck,   

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