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T580 CPU throttles under light workload

My office has about 70 or so of these T580 laptops in use. nearly all of the ones I've tested have a cpu throttling issue.


After monitoring a few of these laptops I noticed that the cpu will drop from 3.4ghz down to as low as 1.7ghz, so then i started running tests on about 20 of the units here.


While running a prime 95, and the tempurature never even reaching 70c they all almost instantly dropped from 3.4ghz to 2.2ghz and some as low as 1.5ghz. The temps stayed in the 60s, using hw monitor they never even reached 70c.


So thats well below Tjunction and it should be lower than intels turbo boost. But whats more concerning is it doesn't have to be a stress test to trigger it. Something used daily such as outlook 365 forces it to drop to heavily. 


Also. Running a test like Aida 64, the drop isn't recognized as "throttle" but a 1.2ghz decrease is in my opinion substantial.


If anyone can shed some light on this, that'll be helpful.

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