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Paper Tape
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T580 - Fan turning on at CPU ~ 10%

Hi everyone,


basically I have the same problem as previously mentioned in other threads, but the solution providied, isn’t applicable for my case. The fan turns on if  you‘re only webbrowsing or doing some editing work in word, which obviously shouldn‘t be the case.I run Win10 Pro.


All updates and drivers seem up to date, at least Win10 says so.How do I check if it‘s really the case? BIOS is 1.09. Setting the battery plan doesn‘t have an effect.


Coming from a reddit post, ist was suggested, that I should ask @someotherguy if a solution he proposed for other models, also works for T580. Everything is explained in the following reddit  thread.


Help would be greatly appreciated. Please note, that I am not as tech—savvy as you are, so please keep it in mind, if you‘re answering(read: talk to me like i‘m an idiot Smiley Wink) — 

Broadband 3G
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Re: T580 - Fan turning on at CPU ~ 10%

are you using Chrome browser ? if yes, it makes the fans run at CPU usage of 10~30% and I don't know why !! that's why I'm using Edge now and I'm very happy with it

I did some tests to be 100% sure and it turned out that it really was Chrome who is responsible of this thing !!

I turned off everything from the processes list in Task manager, the CPU usage was 0~1% max, I opened Chrome with zero tabs and it jumped immediately to 10~15%, and to 30% while opening some tabs .. I closed chrome but I noticed that it's still running in the background !! when I ended its process in Task Manager, the fans went off immediately !!!!!!

I tested this thing several times on several laptops and now I'm sure that it's Chrome, it's making the processor work at ~30% and it triggers the fans to start running even if the system was very cold !!

Lenovo Employee Rydeen
Lenovo Employee
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Re: T580 - Fan turning on at CPU ~ 10%

Dear customers,

in case your system equipped with Intel Core 8th generation CPU ( like i7-8550U), below forum topic might help to solve high CPU clock / Fan issue.


X1 Yoga 3rd gen. CPU frequency pegged at max  


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