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Fanfold Paper
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T580 problems

Hi, i have poured all of my summer money into a brand new T580.

I believed i was getting superior build quality and keyboard. Well at least one of these is true.

But it came with its share of problems


  • The plastic only chassis bends even when picking the notebook up.
  • The screen is getting scratched by the keyboard and no screen protector was included.
  • The static crackling sounds with ultrasound circuit whining  in Windows resolved only by disabling TurboBoost and underclocking aka Intel SpeedStep
  • Inability to wake up from the deeper sleep/suspend. I have dualboot and waking up after suspending from Windows gets me into Linux every time. Pressing F12 does nothing. And then after i restart into Windows my mouse in the Thunderbolt port stops working. So i got to reboot a second time.
  • The motherboard has no daughterboards, wrecking one port means replacing the whole motherboard or resoldering the port


  • Firmware takes 6-7 secs to do its thing on every boot.
  • Non existant Linux fingerprint drivers .
  • Keyboard does not remember it's backlight settings between reboots.
  • The top plastic is uncleanable. It becomes hydrophobic where you touch it frequently.


If something has a solution please let me know. I am more than happy to try it.

Sending the notebook for repair would in my opinion likely solve nothing.

I just expected the machine to live up to the legacy it has.

There is so many cheaper convertibles and gaming laptops i did not buy just to have this one and so far, i don't feel like it was worth it.

So please, prove me wrong. Tell me, why did i pay so much for this.

Paper Tape
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Re: T580 problems

Well, here's my two cents: I just bought a new T580 (for work) and it's my first Lenovo.

I think it feels really solid, and I don't have any of the problems you describe (haven't tried Linux dualboot though).

Coming from a Surface Pro 4, it really feels more reliable (don't get me started about the SP4) and I love the keyboard.

Fan noise is a big problem, though, but I blame the SW (especially Visual Studio 2017 which is really hard on resources...).

Fanfold Paper
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Registered: ‎11-22-2018
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Re: T580 problems



They have fixed the mouse after wakeup from deep sleep problem with thunderolt driver updates.


Still, the quickest way to get to Windows from the deep suspend is by turning it on, holding the power button, turning it on again and spamming F12...


My screen looks like after 2 years of abuse, i stopped caring about the top lid, but it's disgusting. (Maybe thats why they are always covered in stickers)


When using more power, the electronic whine is so loud my friends ask me if i got a harddrive.


Sort of a rant:

Lenovo Vantage now warns me of conflicting power settings - i turned off the intelligent cooling and i had to choose between power and throttling. POWER! Now swithing to low power in windows notifies me. What am i supposed to do? Change it in both places by myself? Are you notifiyng me about your stupid app overriding me? ME?! I OWN MY PC goddamnit Smiley Very Happy

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