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T580 questions

Hello everyone,

I would like to take advantage of the current sale on T line (since I kind of need the laptop ASAP). Hence all the questions:


1. I am planning to get the UHD screen. Some places reference it as 100% AdobeRGB while the shopping page just says 400 nit. How accurate are the colors, really? I do some photography editing on the go, so this would be a great thing to have.


2. Speaking of UHD screen - how big of a power drain should I expect? I plan on getting smallest batteries to minimize the weight and then purchasing an extra batter (probably the large one) to supplement for cases when I'll be away from power outlets for extended periods. Any recommendations here would be great.


3. Upgradability - I want to order the cheapest HDD because instead $200 that Lenovo is asking for 256GB NVMe drive I can buy a 500GB 970 @ $140 or 1 TB @ $277. If ordered with regular (spin) disk - do I have a hardware present to use NVMe HDD? Or do I need to order additional cable?


4. Temperatures - how hot does it get under heavy loads?


Thanks in advance for responses.

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Re: T580 questions

Welcome to the Community


Let me try to answer.
1. according to the T580 specification its UHD has the following features:
"300 nits, 16:9 aspect ratio, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 72% gamut (NTSC), 170° viewing angle"


The only UHD LCD in T580 is BOE NV156QUM-N44. Its manufacturer promises the same features as above. You might check them out in laptop reviews, on, for example, in LCD' detailed specification.

Anyway, as a photograph, you might want to perform the LCD calibration using hardware calibrator. BTW, notebookcheck provides such color profile for LCD.


2. total power consumption of this UHD LCD is 6.6w (max). Compare with FHD LCD (BOE manufactured either) - 4.45w (max). Is this difference significant? Note, the values are maximum.

T580 uses different set of the batteries. I don't know their weight.


3. In the T580s with factory installed HDD, additional m.2 adapter and its cable are needed to replace the HDD by m.2 PCIe NVMe SSD, type 2280. Or just get 2.5" SATA SSD instead. Another way is to keep HDD and add m.2 PCIe NVMEe SSD, type 2242, in combo wwan/ssd slot.


4. the answer depends on the load type, application, of course. As well the type of cooling system will depend, no doubt, as there are two of them - for models with integrated graphics only (iGPU) and with iGPU + discrete graphics (dGPU). Take a look at the laptop reviews for details.

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