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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Thinkpad T510 discrete/ switchable graphics REVIEW

There is no flex problem in my thinkpad.. Only battary backup is 2 hours... running on I7
Token Ring
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Re: T510: Ten days of ownership


wirelesslaptop wrote:


erik_h wrote:


6) That's not Lenovo's idea, it's the pressure and politics on Microsoft's part to have "trialware" loaded. 

Well, they try to sell it to you.  if they're going to truy to get you to buy it and if you *said no at the order stage* then it **bleep** well shouldn't be on the machine.

Dunno guys but to me "Windows Live" looks like a serious attempt at compromising your privacy. It tries all kind of tricks to make you unadvertently click on an "OK" button after which all your photos, movies emails and documents will be posted "live" on the Internet for everyone to see. Worse than Facebook. Smiley Surprised
So here is a quick question: what would I lose if I uninstall it?



I certainly agree with you on the "trialware" issue.


In fact what comes to mind, is that I recently ordered a new carbon fiber VAIO. Sony offers a "Fresh Start" option at no cost. Simply check the box when ordering and they do not put any apps on it, other than the OS. I would love to see all manufacturers do this. 


Blue Screen Again
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I purchased T510 and random reboot problem started only after 1 month of light usage. 


If you are planning to purchase this laptop than 'Think 510 times' before you make your decision on this laptop.

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