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Terrible experience!!

Here's the story, I purchased a T410 about a year ago. Roughly two months in I was dead in the water with a fan error. A tech came out and replaced the fan.


I still periodically got a fan error, but some compressed air to the vents normally resolved. 5 months from the initial fan replacement I was dead in the water again, compressed air no longer helped.


The part was backorder for a week. When the tech came out he replaced the motherboard and the fan.


Cut to two weeks ago, again - fan error. I call tech support - they say the fan is on back-order, I explain that I'm losing valuable work time and convince them to send a tech out next day (Funny how I have to convince them to fulfill the contractual obligations of my warranty). Next day, no call, no tech. A week goes by without a word, I'm finally able to get someone out here. He replaces the fan, gives me back my notebook - low and behold he damaged the keyboard, some of the key's no longer depress. Although I'm sure taking off the keyboard and taking a look would probably have resolved it - but the tech doesn't want to be bothered, says he needs to order a keyboard - and leaves.


What is it going to take for me to just get a replacement notebook from Lenovo?


Why should people pay for hi tier service plans, only to have to wait for support due to back ordered parts?

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Re: Terrible experience!!

Inimacal, I can see definitely understand this is frustrating. Apologies for your experience so far. As you understand, upgraded warranty terms like onsite service change the way service is delivered, but they don't create parts where there are none. Otherwise, we would be holding a cache of parts for only premium support customers (in case they were needed) and potentially delaying others at business partners and the depot. I'm sure you can see if you were one of those customers, how that wouldn't be fair. Onsite won't come out if the part isn't available - there would be no point as they couldn't do anything. Something surely seems amiss if you have had multiple fan replacements in such a short time on your system. Can you send me your contact information and the system model and serial number in a private message? I'll see what we can do to help out here. Best regards, Mark
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