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The T500 LCD Display suddenly changed to a reduced resolution

Hello Forum.
I have a Thinkpad T500 which I love though the screen isn't the brightest.
I have installed a good SDD, and it runs Win 10 very satisfactory.
The LCD monitor is a handsome 1680x1050, almost as good as my old T61p.

In November something strange happened, possibly just when Windows did an update.
The screen suddenly was reduced to about half-size and I had to reboot.
After that, the best resolution I get is 1400x1050 even if the Monitor itself still is a 1680x1050.
I updated of the windows driver, but this one is from 2006 and is obviously not the bad guy.
  Driver Management concluded the process to install driver
  tplcd.inf_amd64_cc45c1c6a7fd9bed\tplcd.inf for Device Instance ID
  DISPLAY\LEN4053\1&8713BCA&0&UID0 with the following status: 0x0.

In the boot panels I have not found any parameters that I could think of doing impact.

This is not a crisis, but I miss the 1680x1050.
Do anyone know what to do next?


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