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Paper Tape
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The latest, as of 2/12/17 about the T460s battery and battery life

My family, myself are long time Lenovo Thinkpad T users.  I currently have a T 520.  It's fine as it always has been and quite pleased,  but I would now like something much lighter and it has developed a little glitch that doesn't seem reparable.  I will still keep it as a second, back-up laptop. 


I just ordered the T460s that is to my liking and right in my price range (got the basic one new from Lenovo for under $800).   But to my dismay and amazement, I keep reading and hearing about lousy battery charge times ranging from 4 to 7 hrs when it is suppose to be at least 10 hrs.  And about all kinds of efforts and ways to increase it with apparently little success.  


I have searched several times in this Thinkpad T forum (and elsewhere) on the latest, up to date info and experience regarding the battery and maximizing, extending battery life for the T460s.  I have not found anything beyond around 10/16/16.   


As of 2/12/17, I am wondering what battery is now going into T460s, like the one being built for me.  


Is it the same as always or something diferent, new, improved?


Are T460s users still having the same problems and issues with the length of the battery charge?


Has anyone found something, anything that really does maximize, improve or extend T460s battery life?


Thanks, Randy  


What's DOS?
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Re: The latest, as of 2/12/17 about the T460s battery and battery life

Hi Randy,


did you receive yours yet, how's the battery life? Came to ask the same thing, found your post from one month ago. Smiley Happy



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