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ThinkPad A485 - BIOS 1.02 issues



It seems that this latest BIOS version (1.02) is causing a few different performance issues for the ThinkPad A485. Once obtaining my A485 I ran some synthetic benchmarks to judge CPU performance. After updating to the latest BIOS, I have noticed a decrease in performance on the order of about 10%. It seems that this BIOS update has allowed the CPU to exhibit more stable performance and CPU throttling behavior under constant load, e.g. as seen in the updates to this article:


but at the cost of some overall performance.


Adding to this, after having owned a ThinkPad A485 with a Ryzen 5 2500u and one with a Ryzen 7 2700u, it seems as though Lenovo's power management is aggressively holding back the Vega 10 GPU in the Ryzen 7 2700u, as opposed to the Vega 8 GPU in the Ryzen 5 2500u. Previously, in CineBench R15 ( benchmarks, my A485 with the 2500u would achieve ~37fps during testing, while hardware monitoring software would show that the GPU was achieving a clock speed of about 800mhz. With my new A485 that has the Vega 10 GPU, it is impossible to achieve more than ~25fps under the same test and testing conditions and the hardware monitoring software shows that the GPU can not reach a clock speed higher than what I believe to be the near-base clock of 400mhz. With both laptops, this testing was performed with the Windows power setting being set to maximum performance, with the laptop plugged in and with "High Performance Mode" set within Lenovo's power management software. It is important to note that the laptop fan is barely audible during these tests, so it would seem that there should be more room for the GPU to increase in performance while still staying within a reasonable thermal envelope.


Further, testing with the 2500u CPU achieved the aforementioned ~37fps while providing very smooth frame rates while plugged in. With the 2700u CPU, the same test will show very noticeable lags when the laptop is plugged in, likely from the GPU clocking down for some reason. When the laptop is unplugged the frame rates are smooth, but the performance is still worse than the GPU from the 2500u CPU. What this suggests to me is that the laptop being unplugged is causing the CPU to clock down lower, allowing more power to go to the GPU and preventing it from clocking down, but I still believe that this is problematic. Here's a link to two videos exhibiting the problem:


I know that a BIOS update is planned for this laptop around mid-October, according to, however it seems that this update is currently only planned to address keyboard issues with the A485.


It would be great if Lenovo could provide some insight as to what is going on, since it seems that at this point the 2700u CPU is being held back greatly.

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Re: ThinkPad A485 - BIOS 1.02 issues

Lenovo, you need to fix your power management in this laptop. It seems you've fixed it for the E485, so why not here? It's obvious that this machine is capable of so much more yet you're absolutely destroying it's commercial viability via unreasonable thermal constraints and poor power management. Fix this, or lose many, many customers.

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Re: ThinkPad A485 - BIOS 1.02 issues

Same problem here. Please allow user to set reasonable TDP and T-Skin (STAPM) wattage in BIOS menu, this notebook is artificially limited by its questionable UEFI implementation.

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Re: ThinkPad A485 - BIOS 1.02 issues

Have you tried to load BIOS setup defaults after you've upgraded your BIOS ?

On the BIOS « Restart » tab (last one) , you have the « Load Setup Defaults » option, and then « Exit Saving Changes » or by pressing F9.

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Re: ThinkPad A485 - BIOS 1.02 issues

Hello All,


Engineering are looking into this, investigation is ongoing, but have also recommended the same as claurie suggested above; loading default settings in BIOS would appear to mitigate most performance degradation.

Please remember to make a note of any changes you may have made in BIOS before selecting default values, you will need to make thos changes again afterwards.


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Re: ThinkPad A485 - BIOS 1.02 issues

I have an A485 for work with a ryzen 2700u pro and an ideapad 330s with a 2700u. The A485 never clocks higher than 2.6ghz on all cores where as the 330s will clock at 3ghz on all cores. I get 650 cinebench for the 330s and a measly 534 on the A485. I used amds uprof to monitors stats. The temp of the 330s on all cores is about 70c and the A485 stays around 68c and the fan barely runs on the A485. I checked and the configurable tdp STAPM for the 330s is 15 watts and the A485 is 22 watts in performance mode and 15 watts in quiet mode. I think the A485 is being held back because the fan is not running hard enough during performance mode. The more expesnsive A485 should be getting better performance than the 330s because the CTDP is configured higher and yet it performs worse. Lenovo please fix this!!!!

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