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Blue Screen Again
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ThinkPad T440 Display Upgrade

Hello! I have just purchased a second-hand ThinkPad T440 with the i5 4300U, Intel iGPU 4000, 8gb RAM, 120gb SSD, & the non-touch TN LCD. This display is far from comfortable.


No amount of calibration makes up for the - extremely - poor viewing angles. I know I can easily replace the display with a FHD IPS replacement, but I though a touch screen may be fun. 


After briefly looking on Amazon, found this:


A seemingly good deal I'm sure you'll agree to some degree. I was wondering if this would work in my T440 which did NOT come with a touch display originally.


The reason for me believing it will is, the product comes with a whole assembly with the bezel, I doubt Lenovo would bother manufacturing some T440 devices with the required digitiser connectors and some without (it's cheaper to mass produce one motherboard), and it is brand new and without any wear and tear. 


If this product is not a good idea, and I was to get hold of a genuine Lenovo ThinkPad T440 touch display with assembly, will it work in my non-touch option device?


All help is greatly appreciated, thanks. 

Lenovo Employee Yury_Lenovo
Lenovo Employee
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Re: ThinkPad T440 Display Upgrade


So, basically good idea to update this machine to touch version but you have to replace more than LCD module only.

Except LCD you need something more:

- LCD cable for touch ver

- Camera cable for touch ver

- LCD cover for touch ver

- hinges for touch ver

- LCD bezel (plastic stripe at the LCD bottom side)

And one good thing here - you don't need to replace MB, it's the same version as for non touch machines


IMHO just replace LCD to FHD IPS, this one much better that HD+ TN and you won't replace any part in additional

Blue Screen Again
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Re: ThinkPad T440 Display Upgrade

Thank you ever so much. I'll have a look at how much all of those will cost but, as you suggested, the FHD IPS replacement is probably a better idea. Touch isn't necessary, and it comes with it's down sides, so thank you for clarifying.

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