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Lenovo Staff
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I have a problem with my T540p which has Windows 8.1 installed. A message window keeps popping up says that my power suppy has an issue. See the error message below:


T540p airplane mode.jpg


It is impossible to use powerpoint, because the message pops up and/or the brightness is going down and up.



I'm using 135W power adapter.


Screen flickering or flashing while in a docked configuration may attributed to an issue with the dock that was resolved via a firmware update for the dock.  See this KB article for details.  If the config does not include a dock, or the firmware has already been applied, the symptoms may also be attributed to certain 135w AC adapters.  a service tip has been released for service to help in identifying these particular AC adapters.  


There may be other possible causes including the input socket on the laptop .


If you have isolated the issue to the 135 watt power supply by testing with other ThinkPad adapters including 90w, other 135w or 170w adapters and finding they produce normal results, please contact Lenovo support and  reference support site tip HT082284.




FRU 45N0368 (2pin)

FRU 45N0364 (2pin)

FRU 45N0486 (2pin)

FRU 45N4485 (2pin)

FRU 45N0366 (3pin)

FRU 45N0362 (3pin)

FRU 45N0502 (3pin)

FRU 45N0501 (3pin)

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i face this problem while i'm using battery !!
how adapter cause this problem while it's not connected !!!


i got this adaptor FRU 45N0501 (3pin) facing same issue !!!



Perhaps there are other causes in your case - let's start a forum discussion on it.  

I would recommending making sure your BIOS and Power Manager drivers are at the latest level.

Which ThinkPad do you have?


Thanks Mark for your response


T540P and i'm using lenovo system update and  everything updated to the latest.

i don't know if this related with my issue but i been changed the DVD writer two times and i think will change it for the third time cus it hanging again.
my local support office can't help me , they can't detrmine where  is my problem 


and can't find any mail to write to lenovo about my issues and suffering


Same problems here with T530 (two separate machines, different operating systems). I found that the problem is caused by software (probably battery monitoring by Lenovo Power Management) and the method of charging a battery up to near 100 %. When the battery is full then charging is interrupted for a few seconds. The malfunction is that Windows receives "powered by battery" and changes the screen brightness. This is alternating in the seconds-range. The poor-man solution is to set the screen brightness identical for mains and battery supply. But it is an error of the Lenovo designers. Apart from annoying and stressful this is also damaging and wearing the battery. I use an old battery when connected to mains and save my good battery for situations where mains is not available. Zero kudos for Lenovo so far. Greetings, Brightnoise, The Netherlands


Sorry for my misunderstanding: the power supply center pin contact was unreliable and that caused the screen flickering. The screen flickering actually was caused by the charge/decharge cycle as described, but the real problem causing the malfunction was a hardware problem: that magic center pin (not connected to something, but essential in the combination of laptop and charger). By the way: fine computer! Brightnoise, The Netherlands.