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ThinkPad T460 - How connect two external monitors using dock station

I have recently received an upgrade laptop at work. On my previous laptop (ThinkPad, unsure of model), I was able to connect one external display monitor directly to the VGA port on the laptop and an additional external diplay monitor to the ThinkPad Pro Dock station VGA port. I prefered to use these two screens with my laptop closed on the docking station, but could also open the laptop on the dock and have a third screen available.


ISSUE: With my new ThinkPad (T440) there is no VGA port on the laptop.


I have purchased a simple HDMI to VGA Converter Adapter - see link:


I am using the same ThinkPad Pro Dock station as with my previous laptop.
With my new T440 I am able to work with my laptop open or closed on the docking station with one external display plugged into the docking station.
I am also able to work with one external display plugged directly into my laptop using the VGA to HDMI converter adapter. 
ISSUE 2: The laptop will not recognize when both screens are plugged in at the same time, but they each work when I have only one plugged in either to the dock or directly to the laptop.
PLEASE HELP!! TIA Smiley Happy
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Re: ThinkPad T460 - How connect two external monitors using dock station

A simple upgrade to your docking station will solve all of your problems. It sounds like you've got the Thinkpad Basic Dock, which only has one VGA port for video out. The Thinkpad Pro dock has a VGA, DVI, and HDMI out, and would be a good solution for you.

The Thinkpad Ultra Dock would also be good. It has two displayport ports, if you want to output to two higher resolution monitors.

Upgrading would also make setting down at your desk a lot easier with only one thing to plug in instead of two.

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