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Paper Tape
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ThinkPad T460p Recovery Questions

Lenovo ThinkPad T460p:


After creating a recovery USB (16 GB) stick, I received this error at the end: "Windows detected that this program did not run correctly."


This is a new machine pre-installed with Windows 7 Professional. Could you please tell me the likely reason for this error?


The recovery files seemed to load onto the USB drive without a problem--no errors along the way, with the exception of that one Windows error at the end.


Also, the Q: partition shows 10.5 GB; whereas the new recovery USB shows 10.8 GB used space. I did try the new USB after loading the recovery files, and it did boot up the machine just fine. Problem is, there's no way I can be certain that everything is intact, without actually attempting the complete recovery. I didn't go that far, of course, because I didn't want to wipe out my C: drive.


Also, I understand that Windows allows the creation of only one backup copy of a recovery disk/usb (for reasons that make no sense to me); is there any restriction on number of times a user can do a system restore directly from the Lenovo Q: recovery partition? [See below.]




"Once a back up is created, choosing Recover Drive Space will reallocate the drive space in the Q partition to the C partition. This is a permanent change. The operating system and software recovery solution will no longer be available on the hard drive after completing this process."


Does this mean that--no matter what--I can perform a recovery of my system only ONE time?



One last question, please...


Where is the Windows 7 product key located? It is nowhere to be found on the body of the laptop, including the battery compartment. Whenever I do a search for an answer, I seem to get "solutions" for either Windows 8 or 10--indicating that the Windows 7 key is also pre-installed in the BIOS. Is this correct?


After doing an exhausting search(s) from the Lenovo Knowledge Base, I am still at a loss in finding specific answers to my questions. Is there something lost in translation here?

Punch Card
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Re: ThinkPad T460p Recovery Questions

I planned to create recovery backup on a USB stick and DVDs. Thinking I could easily misplace or overwrite the USB, but DVDs can be scratched, I wanted to seal them both in the box in case I ever needed them.


I found out the hard way, after creating the USB stick that I was blocked from creating the set on other media.  The answer I found was I am licensed to use one copy of windows.  This is the first Thinkpad I've experienced this on, half a dozen before it.  There was no warning (maybe there was in the mumbo-jumbo).


As to how many time one might restore, I don't know the answer.  I've never been limited before, but hard to say if there is a cut-off now.


Product Key, I can't extract the exact technical answer from my head, but it's in the UEFI BIOS I believe, downgrade rights from Windows 10. So it's a Windows 10 Product key in the BIOS. Older machines had a sticker, that was before MACrosoft decided we wanted their new "elegant" tile way of doing things.  


There are software utilities available to extract the product key for safekeeping.  Some of them are questionable as spyware/malware.  Hwinfo/CPUid/SiS Sandra I think will include the product key in a report, but it's useless without the CD-key and activation. There are utilities for those things too.  I have used all 3 so I can recover if necessary.

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Re: ThinkPad T460p Recovery Questions

Hi both,


I take you are both making Windows 7 recovery media?  AFAIK, the "make only once" restriction isn't present in Windows 10 preloads.


FWIW, if these are UEFI-bootable recovery flash drives you can simply copy the contents to archive media of your choice: DVD, Blu-ray, another flash drive, a hard drive...  If you need to make another bootable flash drive just copy the archived files (or the original flash drive's contents) to a FAT-32 formatted flash drive.


More FWIW: you can use the recovery media as many times as necessary.


Even more FWIW: your Win 7 preloads are likely there via downgrade rights from Windows 10.  There won't be a CoA sticker in that case.  You won't need a key when using the recovery media.  It's possible to activate a clean MS-media install using downgrade rights, but it's a strange procdure.


Understanding downgrade rights



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Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkPad T460p Recovery Questions



Thanks so much for your feedback!  Now, I'm wondering why I didn't think of this solution!



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