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 I cannot seem to find the option to enable / disable bluetooth in the bios again.  When I first got my Thinkpad T500, it was enabled constantly in Linux and I could not turn it off without turning WiFi off as well, so I disabled it in the bios.


But now, I cannot find the setting to re-enable it now that I own a bluetooth travel mouse.  I have dug through every sub menu, but it is a no go.  Can anyone tell me where the option to enable / disable blue tooth is located in the bios from the main bios screen?







1. Bootup the laptop, and press F1 when you see the Thinkpad and intel logo.



2. Once you are in the bios menu, select the 'Security' option.




3. Then select 'I/O Port Access'.




4. Finally select 'Bluetooth' and press 'Enter' to either disable or enable the Bluetooth wireless feature.




5. Press F10 to save the setting and exit the bios menu.



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