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Blue Screen Again
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎06-22-2011
Location: San Francisco
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ThinkPad T520 PXE boot

 I am currently having issues with PXE booting a ThinkPad T520. 


The Intel Boot Agent version is v.1.3.66

The PXE Menu Boot File is v.1.10


On the backend, we are running Symantec Ghost 11.5.1. 


We also have ThinkPad T410s. 


Those PXE boot just fine. 


The Intel Boot Agent version is v.1.3.51


Has anyone else experienced this particular issue?  Please advise.  Thank you.



Posts: 10
Registered: ‎03-23-2011
Location: Washington State, US
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Re: ThinkPad T520 PXE boot

For what it's worth, I am having the exact same issue on the T520 series machines as well as X220 machines. Symantec has suggested to use an alternate NIC driver in the WinPE image but that has not resolved the issue for me.


This is apparently a common problem (numerous postings around the internet) with any of the 20 series Lenovo machines. Lenovo uses PXE Ghost imaging to prep the machines so it would be great if they could simply point to the drivers they use in their PXE image.


Pat H