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I bought this ThinkPad T520 ( model 4240-4GG)  without  a factory installed wwan card. Is it possible to install an Ericssonf5521gw wwan card into the mini pci express slot (also I can see sim slot in the battery place) so is it possible to get wwan in this model?


WWAN upgradable models have the WWAN antenaes installed from the factory these will be red and blue wires (the wifi are typically white, black and grey or just black and grey depending on model).


WWAN wiring.jpg


Be sure to order the card from Lenovo or it will not work (device whitelist). To upgrade, insert the new card, attach the antennas and install the included SIM card.


Typical Gobi 3000 WWAN card - the connections are marked with red and blue triangles next to the connectors near the two screw holes on the card.


Gobi 3000.gif

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