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Fanfold Paper
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ThinkPad t510 wont let me clean install windows 10 help

Hello All,


This is my first post on this forum so bare with me please. Also English is my second language so i appologize in advance for all my errors in that matter as well.


I Have a ThinkPad T510, and im having an incredibly hard time installing Windows 10 on it.

I've bought the laptop from a friend of mine that had windows 10 on it and it got locked up and he didnt know the password plus it was time for him to get a new laptop and so he did.


Here are where my probems began.


I Took the Hard drive out and formatted it on my other laptop, so that i could do a clean windows 10 install. When in inserted the hard drive back into the laptop and plugged in my Windows 10 USB i found that the Windows 10 logo pops out and then the whole computer just shuts down and restarts. two times very briefly i saw a blue error message screen i happen to be recording the second time. Error Message said " Kernel Security Check Failure" 


Now ive done alot of things to try to make it work but to no avail.


- Reset bios to default settings and with taking out the battery

- Drained the computer that is ( took out the battery, unplugged, drained capacitors ( Residual Charge ), 

- Took one Ram stick ( Comp has 2 x 4 gb ) tried to install and nothing same situation, did the same thing with the other ram stick, same situation

- Played with Bios Settings Nothing worked.


Now here is a kicker i put in a windows XP 32-bit system CD in and after i got a blue screen of death, did  that 2 more times and it finally installed. and it worked. I Figured that after a couple updates it would eventually fix itself and allow me to update windows 10. I Was wrong.


Please if someone can give me an idea of what i can do to install windows 10 64 bit system on this laptop i would welcome any idea.

Im not very well versed in diagnostics so if you guys require additional information just point me to the tool and ill do the rest.

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: ThinkPad t510 wont let me clean install windows 10 help

I am assuming the password lost was a windiws password.  I would download win 10 from Microsoft on a different machine to create a thumb drive.


If possible, update the T510's BIOS to the latest version from a bootable CD/DVD. 


Delete all the partitions on the T510's drive so that you will install into unallocated space.  Boot from the win 10 USB stick and install


I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

If a response answers your question, please mark it as the accepted solution.

I am not an employee or agent of Lenovo.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad t510 wont let me clean install windows 10 help

Hey thank you for a quick reply.


So I formatted the drive with hiren boot.


And updated to latest bios from lenovo website and unfortunately that didnt help much either.


So now all I have is clean xp install 

And updated bios. 


Olso I tried installing every version of windows 7,8,8.1,10 created with rufus usb bootable, and 10 original from microsoft website. And original windows 10 64 bit DVD.


When I put the windows 10 DVD the logo pops up and stays that way does not move past for 5 min then I get a "kernel security check failure" error and reset. 


Any other ideas? I have never encountered anything remotely similiar and any idea is welcome. 



Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad t510 wont let me clean install windows 10 help

Hello community


Just wanted to give an update 


I was able to find a solution to this problem after reading comments on youtube of all places.


Since I have two ram sticks in the computer I thought that the chances of them going bad simultaneously were slim to none, yet that is what happened. I was about to give up on it and turn it into a professional but I thought " eh why not its 20 bucks for a 4 gb stick" and as soon as I installed it it booted just fine. 


Thanks I hope this helps someone considering how much frustration and hours i put into this. And even though the memtest showed no fault with the ram.


Thanks again.

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