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Paper Tape
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ThinkVantage Access does not work on Brand New T430

I can't get the ThinkVantage Access software to work.  

I have a WiFi connection (the windows wifi network Icon has the correct SSID) so the ThinkPad Hardware is working and windows is working


When I hover over the ThinkVantage Access Icon on the toolbar it indicates the laptop's SSID, the laptops IP address.  When I open the Access control panel, I can't do anything with the connect button.  Everything is greyed out on the controls.


I tried going thru hardware and software support (laptop is brand new and we are evaluating Lenovo as a vendor) and hit a number of brick walls (i have the goose bumps to prove it!)


I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and it does the same thing.


I am running Windows 7 Pro (factory installed image)


I can uninstall and run without ThinkVantage Access (and probably will if that is the only recourse).


Can someone redeam my faith in Lenovo? and provide some help?

Or do I move on to the next hardware vendor for laptops??


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Community SeniorMod
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Re: ThinkVantage Access does not work on Brand New T430

Hello and welcome,


I haven't experienced your issue with AC, so I'm just tossing out possibilities here...


Does your user account have admin privilges?


Have you tried running ThinkVantage System Update?  It's possible there's an update or patch that might affect this.


There are reports that AC downgrade or registry manipulation can sort similar-looking situations.  The TV AC download page has older versions at the bottom.  Also, here's a link to some registry fiddling that might help.  Note: I'm not suggesting that you hack the registry unless you're comfortable with that.  Just throwing it out for consideration.


ThinkVantage Access Connections for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) - Notebooks


Access Connections: Manage Profiles Problem


These may have nothing to do with your particular issue.



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