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Thinkpad T410 with OCZ Vertex 3 SSD only boots with AC plugged in - blue screens otherwise


 My thinkpad T410 (2537-UQF) with an OCZ Vertex 3 SSD only boots if the power supply is plugged in. If I have full battery and try to boot without the power supply I get a blue screen after being about 60 seconds in the screen where the windows logo appears.


I have Windows 7 installed fresh a few days ago.


The ThinkPad Power Managers always stops working after booting. So I have removed the program by using the "msconfig" functionality.


- Restart and Sleep works without the power supply, only battery plugged in

- Shutdown and then restart, works only if power supply is plugged in. (It does not make a difference if the battery is plugged in, always if the power supply is not plugged in the startup will fail with a bluescreen. On the bluescreen is a advice to make a filesystem check. If I use the hard disk check in the BIOS, the test will fail if the power supply is not plugged in with an Read Error. This makes me think about a problem with the SSD I am using. But im working 10hours or more a day with the notebook and everythink works as long  as I don't do a shutdown).


I reinstalled the power manager and the power manager driver. The power manager now works perfectly - It does not stop working after booting.




The solution is to set the Power settings for Battery in the BIOS to Automatic. If the Power settings in the BIOS are on Maximum battery life, the system will not boot if using the OCZ Vertex 3 SSD.


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