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Thinkpad T420 Fan problem + Extreme Temps

So I have a T420 I5-2520M no dgpu, and its fan sometimes work and sometimes doesn't, what I mean is when I try booting it and if the fan didnt spin, it wont spin at all as in 0rpm, even at maximum load it wont spin, even manually at TPFANCONTROLL it wont spin, so I have to trial and error on boot until it spins, on and off until it boot while the fan spins, My hypothesis is the power? or the battery it self?? cause it saying that I should consider replacing the battery, also because when Im using SSD, the fan works fine, but when I use hdd the problem happens, #2 temps, temps are always above 60C even idle and above 90C at load, 93-97, I already repasted cleaned the fan, I don't know what else I need to do, but it doesn't shutdown, when staying at like 90+ C, like when I play games it stays at 96-98C but it doesnt shutdown or anything fail because of overheating, is this normal, I know its not but is it? sometimes it even reachezs 100C

AANOTHER THING: Should the fan pull air from outside or push the air from inside, cause when I try to put my hand on the exhayst there\es little to no air coming out, even at max rpm.

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