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What's DOS?
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Thinkpad T430 got wet



my laptop got wet in my backpack due to a little bottle not properly closed.

It just have taken few drops, but it was in stand-by mode and after my new logon, it started to show problems, as some screen blinking or strange video signals, temporary black screens and DVD-ROM that continously open without the possibility to close it.

It definitevely turned off without my possibility to power-on again after a reboot attempt.

After some hours, I was able to power on again the laptop, and now  the only symptom seems to be unwanted random stand-by with black screen.

Someone can suggest me a procedure-test to discover if the motherboard could be irredeemably damaged?


Thank you,


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Re: Thinkpad T430 got wet

Welcome to the forum.


Although this may be too late in this situation, in general with a liquid spill it's best to drain any liquid (ThinkPads have drain holes for this) and then let the system dry out thoroughly before turning it on.


Lenovo offers a variety of diagnostic tools that you can install/run depending on the ThinkPad model and operating system it runs. See Lenovo Diagnostic Solutions: Overview and Lenovo Diagnostic Solutions: Diagnose & Fix


P.S. What was the liquid that got into the T430?

Cheers... Dorian Hausman • ca.gif English community
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What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad T430 got wet

The liquid was simply water. Now it remains some random unwanted stand-by mode, but the laptop seems works fine.

Thank you for your help.

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