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Blue Screen Again
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Thinkpad T440p Bios Update. Crash

Hi, I recently try to update the bios but each time I tried, my computer crashed.

The b;lue screen says :

- System service exception

- What failed: Tdklid64.sys.

My compuiter is Thinkpad t440p running on windows 10 pro.

Any help is appreciated.


Thank you.



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Re: Thinkpad T440p Bios Update. Crash

Try doing the update with all programs closed and nothing connected to any ports of the laptop except the power adapter. Let us know if that works

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Thinkpad T440p Bios Update. Crash



I tried and again, the updating process started and stoped at "Reading current bios" and blue screen agian with the same message.

I tried to update from a bootable USb but I am having hard time  with iso file. Should I extract the file first and if so how to do that. If I follow the process described on line, when I double click, the file the computer rather mount it instaed of extrateing and reading it.


Thank you. I appreciate your help.



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Re: Thinkpad T440p Bios Update. Crash

Might be a different issue but worth checking this:


Hi, I had the same issue with Windows 10 x64 Pro (version 1809) on 2x different ThinkPad models (Carbon X1 3rd Gen and an X250).

Attempting to update via Lenovo vantage or the BIOS updater from the Lenovo support site causes a Blue Screen of Death
What failed: TdkLib64.sys



I discovered that I can update the BIOS from within Windows by following these steps:
System Settings > Device Security > Core Isolation > Core Isolation Details > Memory Integrity
Switch Memory Integrity to Off


Once this security feature is turned Off and the machine rebooted am able to update the BIOS from within Win10

This would indicate that Lenovo needs to update the BIOS update Win32 applciation to support Memory Integtrity (which is a new feature, think that was added in Win10 1803(?))

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