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What's DOS?
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Thinkpad T450 can NOT open the BIOS


This is my first Lenovo Thinkpad and I'm gonna tell that everything was going well till I found this issue.
This is very dissapointing and furstrating, I can not believe that there's a bug on the BIOS that doesn't let me in.

I read a lot of articles in the support page, with people with the same problem, so this isn't new.. there's this bug that wouldn't let me go in the BIOS and change settings. When booting my laptop, and when the message appears "Press enter to acces the BIOS", even if I press it a lot of times, F12, F9, F18, Fn combined or everything you can imagine, I CAN NOT GO THROUGH THE BIOS.


This is  FUNDAMENTAL error that can not happen.. I mean is basic configuration of the laptop, it's unbelievable that we have this big issue...

Anyway, and stopping with the yelling, I wanna say that I have tried everything that the support pages and other users have tried, but it didn't work for me:

  1. Press repeatedly Enter button
  2. Upadte BIOS to the latest version (v1.33)
  3. Press repeatedly Enter button (again)
  4. Try with F12
  5. Try with F9
  6. Try mixing the last two options..
  7. Disconnecting the laptop of all the perisferical
  8. Disconnecting the laptop of the AC
  9. Smashing my hands into the keyborad Smiley Happy

Man, It's really frustrating that I can not  go through it, it's a really basic need when we talk about BIOS setting... Hope anyone can help me with this... 


Thanks for reading! 




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Re: Thinkpad T450 can NOT open the BIOS

Hello and welcome,


Since you see the ...enter... message you have probably already tried this, but just in case:


Try F12 after a _restart_ or full shutdown and startup (SHIFT+shutdown).  In case your keyboard is coming up in a strange state, also try Fn+F12.



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