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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad T460p fingerprint lock - help

Hello Dear Lenovo community. 


I need some advice on an issue i have. 

One of our employees who left has left a T460p for reuse. 

When i attempted to reimage the machine i was greeted with a request to scan my finger. 

I am not able to go in to the bios as there is no password. 

When prompted to enter the bios i enter the supposed password, get a OK sign and enter however i cannot change anything. 


This employee left the country and is now living somewhere in the Philipines.... Smiley Sad 


So the question is, how the heck do i wipe this ? Or should i just throw it in the recycling ?




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Community SuperMod
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Re: Thinkpad T460p fingerprint lock - help

Good day and welcome to the community.

If you're unable to change anything in the BIOS, then there is a supervisor/admin password set. The only way to remove it is to know it. There are no workarounds, backdoors, or master passwords. If the password is not available the only option is to contact Service to discuss a system board replacement.


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Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad T460p fingerprint lock - help

Thank you very much for the promt answer. 

But it seems rather odd. 

What about eeprom flashing ? 

Or reflash it in some way? 

Would be a shame to have to put this in the recycling bin, replacing a motherboard for such a stupid reason is just not green. 


I cannot imagine there is no workaround specially in the corporate world , what if the user gets hit by a bus or something. 

Still knowing the security overkill in some of our systems it would not surprise me if this is the case. 


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