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Thinkpad T470 drains battery when off

Is it normal for a Thinkpad T470 to drain battery after it has been shut down completely? I first observed this after not using the notebook for about a week. After switching it back on, the external battery had lost more than 10% charge, while the internal battery's value hadn't changed.


Curiously, while using the notebook, this behavior is reversed, i.e. the internal battery is discharged first.


Things I tried so far:


  • Disabled Wake-on-LAN
  • Disabled USB charge
  • Disabled Thunderbolt device
  • Disabled the fingerprint reader
  • Disabled Fast Boot
  • Disabled all wake events and timers
  • Changed power plan
  • Performed a full shutdown via shutdown -s
  • Updated BIOS and Embedded Controller to latest version available
  • Resetting Windows to factory defaults


I also ejected the external battery and disabled the internal battery before shutting down to make sure that they don't discharge by themselves. However, no drain occurred under this condition.


Effectively, none of these options have helped. The external battery still loses approximately 2% charge every 24 hours.

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Re: Thinkpad T470 drains battery when off

Interesting.  That doesn't sound normal.  Maybe 2% a week.  Not per day. 


Did you call Lenovo and what did they say? 

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