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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad T480 and Intel dual band wireless ac8265 issues

Hello everyone!


I recently got myself my first thinkpad, a t480! I love the machine so far and i didnt not have any issues until the last few days!

All out of a sudden my wifi is completely unusable and im becoming desperate since i have tried out various attempts to fix it, but none worked!

What happens, is that the wifi just keeps disconnecting permanently. It keeps the connection for maybe 1 or 2 minutes, then disconnects and after a few seconds, reconnects to the wifi again! It is literally unusable like that and i cant return the laptop to the manufacturer since im using it for my university and have a lot of important programms and data on it, i need it daily.


Here is a small list of what i have tried so far:

-reinstalled the drivers for the device

-optimize the power settings

-forbid windows to turn off the device to safe power

-tried various drivers


I could not come up with more solution attempts to that issue. Right now i am even thinking about just buying a new WiFi card for the Laptop (is it swapable in a t480? or is it integrated?)

If you need further information to help investigate the issue please let me know!!!


I hope there is another way to resolve that issue!

Looking forwards to your help Smiley Happy



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Re: Thinkpad T480 and Intel dual band wireless ac8265 issues


Try to disable the adapter' power saving feature in Device Manager

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Re: Thinkpad T480 and Intel dual band wireless ac8265 issues

You might check here for a newer version of the driver:


I have found that the right-click from device manager is sometimes not up to date ...

(an example being the WiFi driver on a Lenovo Ideapad just earlier this morning .... ;-/

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Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad T480 and Intel dual band wireless ac8265 issues

I was having similar issue but mine I would be able to connect but every like 20 minutes or so it shows that im connected to wifi but nothing would load up. I went to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections and I realised I have vEthernet enabled too ( cuz I enabled Hyper-V ) and I was getting 2 connections one was Ethernet and the other was WiFi, I disabled the vEthernet and it seem to solve the problem.



if you have such similar thing, i'll keep on digging for solutions and i'll update you.

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Re: Thinkpad T480 and Intel dual band wireless ac8265 issues

Thank you kind sir, this has fixed my issue. 


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