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Serial Port
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Registered: ‎10-31-2011
Location: North Carolina
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Thinkpad Wireless LAN Adapter Software won't update (T520)

[ Edited ]

I just received my new Thinkpad T520.  The wireless connection is dropping sometimes, - more than it should, - more than the older Thinkpad sitting next to it, which isn't dropping at all.  I saw there was an update for the Thinkpad Wireless Lan Adapter software on the Lenovo Drivers & Software site.  (Why does Lenovo image their machines with old software and drivers?  A number of things are out of date.)


My current version LAN software is 1.00.0029.8 (via Control Mgr, as instructions specify).  The newer version is 1005.18.0413.2011.  Looks like they changed their version numbering scheme?  I'm positive I'm looking at the correct thing.


The LAN software update is supposed to help fix dropping connection, so I thought Good!  -- I go to install the update, - everything goes fine, it says that the install is completed successfully.


BUT, I go to check the version of the software (via Control Mgr, as instructions specify) and the Thinkpad Wireless LAN Adapter Software is still at the old version number and date!


I've updated Power Manager and Hotkeys, tried it with Access Connections and without.  Makes no difference.  And it always says that I've installed the LAN Adapter software sucessfully -- but it hasn't.  


Does anyone have any ideas what could be going on??  Many THANKS!!  Vicki