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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad external battery charger

Hello. I have a plan to buy a T460 during the upcoming Christmas sales. I also want to buy an extra battery with it. As a business person who has to travel a lot, i would love to keep both of my batteries fully charged all the times. External battery chargers are hard to find and i, after a lot of search, found one. An old Lenovo support document ( shows a list of batteries that can be charged using that charger. But T460's Thinkpad 68+ 6 cell 72 Wh battery is not in that list. And, that doc says that i will need a 65W ac power adapter for charging. But T460 comes with 45W power adapter. So my questions are: 
1) Can i charge T460's battery with the external charger? 
2) Will 45W power adapter be enough or do i have to buy a 65W one? 

Thank you very much in advance for your time. Smiley Happy

Core Memory
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Re: Thinkpad external battery charger

I bought the 40Y7625 External Battery Charger on Ebay. I have a T460 with both the 68 & 68+ batteries and have charged them both successfully with the 40Y7625 charger, BUT. The batteries don't seat well into the charger, clearly the charger was designed a while ago and the batteries have changed. They kind of hang off and you have to make sure you have a good connection. Fortunately there is a status indicator light to help.


As for the 65 watt adapter.  It's a 7.9mm barrel, not the slimtip that comes with a T460. I have lots of them because I have several older Thinkpads.  These are easy to find on Ebay.  This is one example of an appropriate AC adapter:


You can also buy an adapter/converter to connect your existing T460's 45w ac adapter to the external battery charger, search on Ebay for "Square Female to 7.9x5.5mm Male DC Power Plug Connector for Lenovo" or a converter to go the other way if you buy extra older ac adapters.


I have 45w, 65w, 90w. I see no reason why a 45w wouldn't work, it's not recommended in the literature, but maybe they didn't have 45w adapters when the external charger was designed.

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