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What's DOS?
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Thinkpad t23 models

I just joined this forum. My apologies if I have posted in the wrong place. I have a t23 2647-4MU. I am trying to learn what the model numbers mean. I have looked in the Hardware Maintenance Manual around page 151, but still have questions. I'm hoping you folks can help me.


1. What is the difference between the 2647 and 2648?


2. What do the 3 characters after the "-" mean?


3. My 2647-4MU has a defective charging circuit (won't charge battery) and seems to be overheating the laptop if used on AC power for more than an hour. Changing the mother board, I'm told is cost prohibitive on an old computer like this. One option would be to buy a "compatible" model and just move the HDD over. This would work unless there is a difference in chipsets.


Can you advise on what t23 models would be suitable?

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Re: Thinkpad t23 models

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Welcome to the forum!


The difference between 2647 and 2648 machines was warranty entitlement when they were new.


Hah...the last three characters are the essence of the machine's ID, be it T23 or T400...there's no way to realistically split the hairs and say "A means this" or "9 equals this". Majority of the US/Canadian models have "U" as the last character, where it would be "G" for an identical machine sold in Europe, but even that's not a 100% guaranteed trick...


Any T23 board will do the trick, and they're not that expensive nowadays.


Any T23 will accept your hard drive with no questions asked.


And if you want to be on the really safe side, I just happen to have a spare 2647-4MU...PM for details if interested.


Hope this helps.

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What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad t23 models

I wonder if the last character in the suffix is a keyboard descriptor: U for US/English, G for German, F for French.


I think there is a SVGA / XGA descriptor, but I don't know what it is.


The 4MU has XGA display. I have seen a T23 with SVGA which looks awful if not used at its native resolution. So I want to avoid getting a t23 with SVGA


If you have a fully functional 2647-4MU, I'm interested, but I don't know how to send a PM. Can you send me a PM?



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