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Thinkpad (type 40A2; FRU 04W3951) requires my laptop to be OPEN when docked!!!!

Ok, I have seen other forum posts, but they are old, and do not seem to be the same.  My current problem is that whenever my T450s laptop (i7-5600U, 12GB RAM, Samsung 850 EVO 500GB with firmware up-to-date) is connected to my Thinkpad Ultra Dock (type 40A2; FRU 04W3951, firmware 2.30), in order for my computer (and attached monitors) to work, the laptop MUST BE OPEN and the LAPTOP power button ONLY can be pressed to turn the system on.  If I have the lid closed and I press the power button on the docking station, NOTHING will happen except blank screens on ALL devices and the laptop's red LED turning on.


So, how did I arrive at this problem?  The unit has the 90W power supply (good or bad, it has been working for over a year, perfectly fine!)  I have Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) installed, and had dock station firmware version 2.22 installed.  Around two weeks ago (~15 August, 2016) the latest Windows "update" (I believe this started with build 14393-release160715-1616, which I am currently running) updated on my system.  At that point, I ensured all my other drivers were current and updated the dock firmware to 2.29 (because the "readme" file said it "fixed screen flickering in some monitors.")  Well, this firmware version did fix the "flickering," but now I am required to have the laptop lid open when "docked."  


I "sucked this up," assuming the issue would be addressed soon in a new firmware update.  Today, I upgraded the docking station to firmware version 2.30.  The flickering is still not a problem, but the laptop lid must still be open to work!!!  


As a final point of reference, I am using the following display connections:  "ouptut #1" using DisplayPort, "output #2" using DVI, and "output #3" using VGA.  I attempted to try the idea of having the main power supply plugged into the dock, and then another into the laptop, but that is not possible because the power port is not accessible.  Please help!  I really think it is a firmware issue.  The only help that "tech support" would give was "reformat your entire system to its initial state, and then only install the updates that are absolutely necessary!"  How rediculous is this???!  I asked the rep if he would honestly accept that answer if the situation was reversed.  His response (with what seemed, from his tone, with a "straight face") was, "absolutely!  I never update anything only my computer unless I have a problem, even if the hardware or software manufacturers say I need to."  I have to give him credit, he would not "break." However, unless he is absolutely naive, there is no way he would accept the "solution" as an acceptable one!


Again, please help!  


NOTE:  If I am missing details that you believe are needed in order to help bound the problem more, please let me know and I will respond as quickly as I can.

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Re: Thinkpad (type 40A2; FRU 04W3951) requires my laptop to be OPEN when docked!!!!

I also have this problem with the Ultra Docking Station and my T580.  Brand spanking new, the pair of them.  The docking station works in that it connects to my two external monitors etc. but I have to open the lid of the laptop to actually turn the machine on.  The power button on the dock does nothing.

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