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Thunderbolt 3 Dock Debugging

I've been running a Windows 10 T480 for a year now and have had quite a few problems with the TB3 docking station. My issue is going between my home setup (TB3 dock, single 4K monitor) and my office setup (TB3 dock, 3 FHD monitors - 2x display port and 1x VGA). 


The only way I can move between the two environments is if I unplug the laptop from the dock, open the lid and then put the machine to sleep (note I'm not shutting down). To me this extra step should be unnecessary; however, I'm open to a techinical explination on why this is the only way to move between the two environments.


The issue I have when I go from home to work is the montiors don't always come up in the correct spots and even playing with the display settings in Windows doesn't always get things back the way they were. Most of the time I need to unplug from the dock (with Windows booted) multiple times and everything comes back.


This has really soured my user experience. I've tried using both the brick and cable version of the Thunderbolt 3 dock (that's what I'm using currently at the home and office) and the standard docks with mechanical slide/locking mechanisim and I'm having the same issue. I'm open to getting a 4K monitor for the office but that seems unnecessary.


Lenovo technical support was quick to replace the motherboard (which they did last year) and that did not help. I'm looking for some sort of way to truly troubleshoot the software and/or have someone explain preciecely why my use-case is yields these results and I should live with it. I love ThinkPads but this has been a real struggle. Every morning for the last year it's "is it going to fight me this morning or play nice?" - not the way I want to start my day at work. I just really want to understand what exactly is going on here - the machine is always up to date including dock firmware.


Thanks for reading.

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Re: Thunderbolt 3 Dock Debugging

Hi there! Base on the manual of the Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 Dock, the Thinkpad T480 is not listed as compatible device and you can check it here:

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Re: Thunderbolt 3 Dock Debugging

According to Lenovo's hardware compatibility matrix, which trumps other sources, the T480 is compatible.  I'm attaching the minimum graphic to show the data from the spreadsheet.  The cryptic code is nothing limiting (these are just footnotes about esoteric functionality).


I say that the hardware compatibility matrix trumps other sources because the documentation for individual products is often wrong, but the hardware compatibility matrix is maintained.

Serial Port
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Re: Thunderbolt 3 Dock Debugging

Yes you are correct. This docking station is absolutely supported. Ended up buying another 4K monitor so I have two identical setups between work and home. Latest issue is the finicky Thunderbolt Control Center Microsoft Store app... Never ends with these things. "Professional" doesn't mean what it used to with Lenovo. 

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