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Re: TouchPad Issues

Good to know. It moving your fingure on the pad any better with it. I find that to be the biggest issue and changing the sensitivety does not really help much. I might have to get used to the joy stick if it continues to bug me.
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Re: TouchPad Issues

I find the TouchPad completely useful. One feature that I found that the Lenovo driver did not have enabled is the Momentum feature. With that I can "throw" the cursor across the screen then "catch" it by touching the TP surface then finish my selection. It's not quite as fast as a mouse but it's close. Besides it's much more entertaining.


Still can't get two finger scroll to work as I'd like it. ( I use "Two Finger Scroll" instead of UltraNav's two finger scroll) I am using the "Chiralmotion" to do scrolling without having to put the cursor onto the scroll bar.


I really like the tap to select. You have to develop a VERY delicate touch. Accidental selections do happen but not frequently enough to eliminate the use of the TouchPad.


I cut slivers of electrical tape maybe .05 of an inch to border the TouchPad. That way I can orient my hand without taking my eyes off my work.


I really like the ThinkPad TouchPad. It's what sold me on my T400. The extra three buttons are very useful. If I enable the TouchStick I can assign different functions to the three buttons. I use the middle button to open items in their own window.


Incidentally, in regards to the sensitivity setting. I've found that the setting really tempers the deeper taps used to select rather than surface sensitivity. Doesn't make sense to me how this hypersensitivity can't modulated. Once I got used to it the hypersensitivity is part of the light feel to cursor control. But it would be good to attenuate somewhat. 

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Re: TouchPad Issues

The T410 touchpad STINKS. The two finger scrolling is a nightmare. I was using Thinkpads for the past 15 years, never had anything but this one realy destroyed every piece of trust i had with lenovo.

I do undrstand the Apple fans much better now, I might even become one myself.

Shame on you Lenovo


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Re: TouchPad Issues

It's really not the hardware that's bad, it's the drivers.

Disable the UltraNav two-finger scrolling, and try this utility:

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Re: TouchPad Issues

Agree. Won't be buying another lenovo. Just too many Kluges

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