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TouchPad Issues


I am a long time Lenovo user and I love the Trackpoint and I like the special features of the touchpad. I just recently bought a T410, and I gotta say, I'm a little disappointed. There are a few things I don't like, some Lenovo related, some Windows 7 related, but this is my biggst annoyance so far.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled all the latest UltraNav drivers. I have gone through all the UltraNav settings extensively. I have the pointer and buttons turned off. Basically, I just want the touchpad for scrolling. I have had some issues with mistaken touches from my palm, despite tweaking all he mistken touch/sensitivity settings. I finally decided to turn off the single-finger scroll, and require two-finger scroll. However, it doesn't work, the computer still scrolls with one finger! I've restarted an everything. The scrolling sucks. Sometimes it feels like scrolling, and sometimes it doesn't. I seem to have narrowed it down to this. If I load a new page, one finger won't scroll. But once I've scrolled using two fingers, then I can scroll using one finger, which means my palm ends up doing the scrolling, very aggravating.

I know this is kind of an odd and inconsistent problem, but does anyone else have the same issues? I would hate to completely turn off the touch pad but I will be pretty soon.

What's DOS?
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Re: TouchPad Issues

I have a 3 month old T410 running Windows 7. I love everything about this computer except the trackpad. It seems to have conflicts and sensitivity issues. The computer has software that allows you to adjust everything, including turning the gestures on and off, turning scroll on and off, etcetera. Still, it is a poor trackpad design. It gets conflict-y. The pencil eraser always works, but the trackpad doesn't. I also have issues with the basic ergonomic design of the trackpad, preferring the design of my 2006 Toshiba or my 2002 Compaq. I compensate for the poor trackpad design by using a wireless Logitech VX nano mouse instead of the trackpad. If this computer had a traditional trackpad that was slightly recessed into the deck, with the fingerprint sensor between the left and right buttons, and buttons that didn't extend into the front edge of the deck, this would be a 100% perfect computer.

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Re: TouchPad Issues

So many software issues and bugs with Lenovos in the past few years.  Lenovo and microsoft don't seem to want to get along.

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Re: TouchPad Issues

I own a T410 and for most part it has been the best laptop I've ever owned. However, the touchpad is absolutely aggravating to point that I look weekly for a hopeful update fix on the UltraNav driver. Can’t confirm if it’s definitely a driver issue or a just a defective touchpad. My complaint is that sometimes the cursor doesn’t move unless I release my finger completely off the pad and try again. In UltraNav setup under EdgeMotion Region where you can see the cursor arrows move on the touchpad diagram when you touch the touchpad, I have had it where those cursors will move, but my mouse cursor will not! Wondering if I’m the only selected one having this issue or anyone else have this similar occurrence.


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Re: TouchPad Issues

[ Edited ]

I absolutely HATE the TOUCHPAD on the Thinkpad T410 .


The bump texture is way too rough for my liking. try pressing on the touchpad a little harder than a touch thenmove your finger. how awful ... the grip makes your finger move jumpily.  if there is such thing as finger stutter thats exactly how it feels.


As part of my job I create a lot of presentations which require a lot of Touchpad usage. This touchpad feature of the T410 makes it quite impractical. I would in a heartbeat get this changed for the smooth type if they make this an option.

The two finger/three finger functions is none responsive quite a lot of times.

I would love to see a return to the flat/smooth type touchpads. I revert to my Asus & Dell laptops when I require using a lot of touchpad action.


Lenovo Thinkpad T410 TOUCHPAD SUCKS to say the least!!!!!

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Re: TouchPad Issues

Sometimes I have to let off of my trackpad, and then put my finger back down to be able to move the mouse again.  I first noticed this with the most current driver.


Thinking about downgrading to the old driver to fix the issue.   It doesn't have 2 finger scrolling, but its really to inconsistant to use anyway..

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Re: TouchPad Issues

@pinoyians, have you used the eee PC or some of Asus's laptop?


The touchpad on those feels like your running your finger through someone with a really bumpy rash lol.  It  was awful and it was the reason I chose a different netbook...

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T410 trackpad locks up

Every so often I am using my track pad it completely locks up.  I am forced to log off and sign back in when it then works again.  If I press any keys while the trackpad is locked I'm not even allowed to type, instead different keys bring up different shortcut boxes.  Has anyone had a similar issue?

What's DOS?
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Re: TouchPad Issues

I agree that the bumpy texture makes the touchpad nearly unusable. I had a T41 IBM (Lenovo) that had a smooth touchpad that outperforms this bumpy one. We need a negative of this one as an accessory where the main surface is smooth and the scrolling feature is rough. That would be a huge improvement.
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Re: TouchPad Issues

Its a bit stupid that the only reason its bumpy is because its flush! They could of made it smooth and recessed an it would have been much better.My old dell vostro 1500 has a smooth track pad and responds to the lightest touch.


Also, all the multitouch is useless and un responsive


i turned my trackpad onto the most sensitive setting and also turned off the palm res tthing.  This is the only way that I got a half decent response out of it with light touch

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