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Punch Card
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TrackPoint scrolling not working


First: this is no problem-request but a solution for everybody with the same problem.


I had the problem, that TrackPoint scrolling did not work in some programs.

There are some posts available about correcting this issue, but there seems to be a change in the driver, so there needs to be done some changes.


I mainly will refer to this post from Elad Karako, because it has a list of programs, where scrolling does not work. This post, the same as others, recommends to edit the file TP4table.dat in the C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP directory.


I just updated my T540p with a 3-button touchpad and had the problem, that in some applications the TrackPoint scrolling does not work (Notepad++, Total Commander, ...)

Unfortunately the rules did not work. But in newer drivers there is a further option available.

The flags has been updated with the option

16 Rule indicate the apply this to IBM Stick Scrolling when ScrollMethood is Synaptics.

This means, that if the rule should apply to the scrolling done with TrackPoint, the flag needs to be increased by 16.


I also had the problem, that the listed option WheelStd did not work in my case. After playing around I found out that Standard worked.


So I updated the rules to the following and added them to the upper part of the file TP4table.dat:


; Process Explorer
; Notepad++ and Notepad2
; Java
; Windows components
; Total Commander



I don't know why default scrolling with the TrackPoint does not work. Scrolling via TouchPad ist working everywhere.


I hope this post may help someone, who searches for event this problem Smiley Happy

Solution for newest driver after a 3-button touchpad swap (tested with T540p) here
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Re: TrackPoint scrolling not working

Excellent detective work both here and with one line scrolling; the TP4table.dat compatibility listing doesn't seem to have been updated for a long time.

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Punch Card
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Re: TrackPoint scrolling not working

Just a quick addon to my post.
After a short intermezzo with Windows 10 I returned to Win 7 (mainly because of usability issues because of design and missing keyboard functions and privacy).
I noticed, that the drivers which are designed for Windows 10 ( ) don't have the issue, why I had to change the TP4table.
These drivers seems to work without problems with Windows 7 and without the issue above.

Solution for newest driver after a 3-button touchpad swap (tested with T540p) here

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